Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day One, Jane Austen Society of America Annual General Meeting

The PortlandSneak Peek at my ball gown

This morning, after staying up late to put the final touches on my dress, I picked up my Mom at the airport and off we were on our road trip to Portland.

We were able to check in to out room at the Hilton early. We went to registration tables, saw some cute T-shirts, picked up our packets and headed up to out lovely room, where we dumped out our “Jane Austen- The Abbey” tote bags to admire the contents.

IMG_2967 With post cards, a book light, and chocolate. You can’t go wrong!

IMG_2968 Mom and I in our room.

Mom and I decorate our nametags And take a quick snapshot before unpacking or dresses.

IMG_2972 I unpacked a portrait of Dear Jane for our room.

After this we went down to our dance workshop. We practiced four English country dances in an hour and a half. Sometimes it was exasperating, but when the dance came together it was exhilarating!  I danced across from my mom, but after the first dance they encouraged us to change partners. A nice looking and friendly woman agreed to be my partner. I saw my mom introduce herself to her new partner, and thought I should do the same, but then upon seeing her nametag I got VERY excited and almost lost it. I was dancing with Laurie Viera Rigler, the author of ‘Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict’ and ‘Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict’! Oh! (I may need a moment)…..Do you know how AWESOME that was???

OK, composure regained.

After dancing and a great dinner, we went to look at ‘Milsom Street’, the emporium full of booths, books, and other items for sale. Here is a sampling of the ‘shops’

IMG_2975IMG_2974 Rebecca Morrison Peck of ‘The Thatched Cottage’.


IMG_2988 Kay Demlow, Designer, Dressmaker, and Fashion Historian for Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing

There were also some lovely historic dresses on display that I photographed for your enjoyment. But first, here are links to a few more of the vendors:

Vintage Passementerie

Jean Judy- Jane Austen Charm Jewelry

Charlene Ahern- Henry Was a Railroad Man Card Company

After a brief rest in our room we attended Angela Barlow’s “Jane Austen, An Actor’s View”, with observations, readings, and delightful observations about the characters Jane Austen created. That leads us to where we are now, enjoying the view from my window, exhausted.


And now for more DRESSES………….




See you tomorrow,



  1. bag swag!
    Did you discover anything interesting in your suitcase when you unpacked?

  2. You are hardcore! I love it. How fun.

  3. Oh wow. I am no accomplished Janite, but that looks AMAZING! The swag bag is great, and those dresses are really beautiful. I want one! You and mom look so beautiful!
    Can't wait to hear more. Take lots of pics.
    How cool, you met that author! You may inspire her for her next story

  4. Lynnae - I am so sorry that we did not connect at the conference! Maybe we will meet at a local JASNA event?

    Cheers, Laurel Ann


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