Saturday, July 30, 2011

The New Orleans Reception

IMG_0556 straightened plus lighting editAfter My daughter Hillary and Nicholas’ reception we had a few days to prepare for our New Orleans trip. This time my husband and youngest daughter would join us and I was excited to show them the city. But first we had a few days of packing, taking clothes and tuxes to the cleaners and hoping they’d be done on time, shipping photos, and catching up on sleep. I’ve been tripping over boxes hastily packed at our reception venue and eating Jordan Almonds by the handful. Why were there so many left over?

  Nick’s family were wonderful hosts and the reception was beautiful. Here are some of my photos from the New Orleans wedding reception.IMG_0477The room was very elegant. We had a Rosemary chicken dinner, and the first course?……..Gumbo. My husband was in heaven.IMG_0482In stead of numbering the tables they were named after famous New Orleans streets.

IMG_0496There was a head table for the bride, groom, and their families.

IMG_0498My Husband and my younger daughters

IMG_0499Me and Hillary

IMG_0486 cropped and coloredMy husband and I pose for a picture on the balcony

IMG_0502 diffuse glowHillary dancing with her new sister-in-law. Darling!

IMG_0509 lighting editThe single girls assemble around the bride for the cake pulls.


IMG_0476Cake pulls are a southern tradition. Before the frosting is completed silver charms are put into a cake attached to ribbons. each young lady takes a ribbon and they all pull at the same time.

IMG_0513 cropped and red ey fixHillary with her younger sisters. Jordan got the Four Leaf Clover (Luck) and Arianne got the Fleur de Lis (Prosperity & Love).

IMG_0523The bouquet toss

IMG_0539lightenedNicholas and Hillary


Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Wedding Goodies

278332_10150248543414794_671574793_7864184_8104084_oIn previous pictures you may have noticed these darling ribbon rose headbands and headpieces my two younger daughters were wearing for the reception. My sister Krisi made them. She wasn’t able to travel up here for the wedding and wanted to do something nice. I just loved these and we got a lot of compliments on them. IMG_0491

278332_10150248543409794_671574793_7864183_6528545_oMy daughters shown here with the groom’s two sisters. 

I tried to post this next bit with the last post but wasn’t able to embed the video. But now that I’ve had a little tech support from my hubby, I give you the Electric Slide……



P.S. That dancing was just the start of the party! Once things were going smoothly I was ready to have some fun with the ladies!

271650_10150248535154794_671574793_7864048_3897593_oMe, my niece, and three of my sisters getting’ down!

Our Wedding Reception

We had a wedding reception for Hillary and Nicholas at Tibbet’s Creek Manor in Issaquah.266978_10150248527789794_671574793_7863940_1508007_oNow you will see where all the hard work from my helpers came in. I am so glad I had family and friends there to help me set up, because we only had a couple hours and My mind was in a bit of a fog. I’m also glad I had written up plans for each display area or decoration. We had to go back to the house and were running late, and my family was already setting things up for me.IMG_0225IMG_0228271650_10150248535164794_671574793_7864050_4420446_o

Remember all the sewing my sisters and I did? Well the majority of it was for the tent curtains, which looked fabulous inside and out. 277478_10150248523834794_671574793_7863904_3712900_o

IMG_0240And even better at night! 266978_10150248527799794_671574793_7863942_2953770_o

IMG_0237Hillary really wanted a chocolate fountain, and it was a big hit.

IMG_0244 LightenedThe cake was lovely too.

IMG_0234      Before the reception began.277478_10150248523839794_671574793_7863905_256029_o

One of the neat things we did was have a table of old wedding pictures from Hillary and Nick’s parents, grandparents, and great-grand parents. Hillary has a love of family history and I thought this idea would be a cool way to show that. I’ve never seen it done before. In the rush I didn’t get a clear picture of it, but this picture taken during set up will give you an idea until we get the professional pictures back.IMG_0219


IMG_0231 Three of my sisters and I during the set-up. So many people worked so hard. I am full of gratitude. It was a very fun night.


Monday, July 25, 2011

My Daughter is Married

I guess the word is poignant.

283091_2180837207826_1453814962_2403096_1005568_nWhen she and her new husband walked out of those doors husband and wife I was overflowing with joy. My oldest daughter was married, married to a great young man I admire, with a family I’ve grown to adore. She married in the Holy Temple in a beautiful ceremony with her loved ones around her, a lovely, worthy, Daughter of God. As a mother I could not be more pleased.267583_2180836047797_1453814962_2403089_7720612_n As the days pass I miss her a little bit, even though she’s spent most of her time at college the past few years I begin to feel a little wistful. My first little girl.  It’s sad, but as I sometimes say, it’s a good sad.Hillary wins a Barbie

   I hope my younger daughters follow her example someday, but at the moment I just want to hold them tight.

Being enormously busy planning a wedding and reception did help to shield me from the emotions that start welling up now. But I just keep acknowledging that it is a ‘good sad’ and I’ll see her again soon.282587_2180837407831_1453814962_2403097_2312888_n


Hillary’s Bridal Photographs

 hillary043Here are a few of my favorite photos from my daughter’s bridal shoot.







hillary052 b&w




hillary097 b&w


Our photographer Joshua from Joshua Gene Photography did an excellent job. He was fun to work with and his results are beautiful. He is based in the Seattle are but also works in Portland and other places. I would give him the highest recommendation, so if you are looking for a bridal or wedding photographer please consider him.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hillary’s Bridals

hillary043 Hi Friends. I'm still somewhat busy and trying to recuperate from the big day. I’ll post more of my daughter’s bridals and wedding pictures but for now please jump on over to Joshua, our photographer’s website and have a look.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Five Days until the Wedding !!!!

…..And my head is a bit of a blur. I keep thinking of one more thing to check on, one more thing to do……

I did have a couple little work parties with some of my sisters and my sister-in-law and daughter. Sewing Last week was sewing…..

 IMG_0124 And yesterday was all about sewing, ribbons, and flowers.


IMG_0127 And a little sisterly craziness

IMG_0130 Sorry AJ, even sister-in-laws have to participate….Thanks to Shannon assisting her with her laurel headpiece.

IMG_0125 And a soft focus picture for one sister who commented that having three sons she’s never been surrounded by so much pink.

IMG_0134 Thanks girls! I love my family! What would I ever do without you.

IMG_0136 On another note, I’m so excited to post my daughter’s bridal pictures, but not allowed to do so until the wedding. SOOOOoooo, I’m going to try and create the post that will publish right after the wedding on Friday morning. Then, while I’m in the middle of my daughter’s busy and wonderful day, it will be like you are there with us. So check in on Friday.