Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jane Austen Fight Club

And now for a bit of silliness……………………





Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted…I Beg You!

I am not a very good gardener. I wish I were. I want that kind of lovely yard that is earned by love and toil, but it seems I just don’t have the discipline to make it that way.

Well, I take that back. I have discipline that I exercise in many areas of my life. I guess my garden is just lower on the list of priorities. Laundry, food, cleaning and general nurturing of my family are up near the top, and taking time to run and exercise is a high priority and a large part of my day. And then there’s my computer time, hopefully a little art time, journal and scripture study…You get the drift.

When the rain finally lets up…(say, June some time…) and my allergies ease off, then my yard battles consist of 1-Weeding enough to keep the HOA off my back, and 2- Trying to keep the neighborhood cats from using my flowerbed as a litter box.

IMG_2345 But the dream still lives. And last year part of that dream was to plant three bare root, hardy Hibiscus plants in the flowerbed. They took hold, each grew a couple leaves, and then dried up.

Over the winter I wondered if that was it.

All spring I looked for signs of life.

And now, this week, when I was lamenting the weeds and giving the flowers up for gone, a saw a slightly different leaf.

And sure enough, in the center of a little stone circle was one of my plants. And it looked like a second one might be making a valiant effort.

Today I weeded the area. Thank heavens I had put the little stones around the plants or I might have missed them altogether.

IMG_2350 As I weeded I saw even the third little guy struggling to reach the sun.

Maybe our Seattle springs come too late for these guys after all. But for now they are getting my full attention.

You Can Do It!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Days of Pure Jane Austen

Mom and I just registered for the Jane Austen society of North America’s annual general meeting in Portland this October.

PICT0039 (Small) Dancing at the JASNA AGM Ball in Vancouver, 2007

  Four days of pure Austen… classes, lectures, a banquet and ball, actors performances, we even signed up for an English Country Dance workshop. I’m so excited. I’ve gone once before, and this time I get to share it all with Mom, so it will be even more fun.

PICT0016 Authentic Jane Austen Era gowns on display in one of the breakout sessions in 2007 (click to enlarge)

I will give you details of my preparations along the way, and a few posts and lots of pictures from the AGM.

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blessings For Grandma


My dear grandma who I’ve written about many times has been very sick and in the hospital. I’m in another state and have been relying on the updates from Mom and siblings.

Here is my sister’s sweet post about what happened one evening to help Grandma feel better:

Better Than We Deserve

Please wander over and check it out.


That’s One Romantic Gypsy

Magnolia Pearl 1 Have you seen the August Issue of Romantic Homes? I dream over this magazine, and in this issue my favorite was the lovely Airstream trailer owned by Robin Brown, the owner of Magnolia Pearl, and her husband.

I know all you artsy ladies dream of setting your gypsy soul free by traveling around in this fashion. Seriously though, I am too much of a homebody to live like that. But I LOVE the bohemian, artsy romance of the decorating. Can you believe that painting Robin created on the outside? And the way they fitted up the inside is fantastic. Here’s a peek as I read this but seriously, go buy the issue because there’s more good stuff!

Magnolia Pearl two from Romantic Homes

Click to visit Magnolia Pearl, and thanks again Romantic Homes for another dreamy issue of your magazine!