Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fashionista Shout Out

Cardigan-Empire  Ladies, if you have never been to Reachel Bagley’s Blog,
 Cardigan Empire, go pay a quick visit. She gives great examples Reachel-Bagley-Personal-Stylist1of styles to fit your personal figure, do’s and don’ts, great links to outfits, and more. And she does it all with sweetness and charm, including answering reader questions and offering a style booklet for your own body type. Check it out!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Special Days

 IMG_0617 Here we are with our sweet little second daughter, all ready for the homecoming dance.

IMG_0603 Her friends mom invited parents to come in for appetizers when we brought the kids while waiting for the limo. As luck would have it, when we got there her power was out. She was a wonderful hostess, serving the appetizers that didn’t need to be cooked. Her home was lit with dozens of candles everywhere and there were darling Halloween decorations out. I hope I can always be as good at handling the unexpected! To top it all off, the limo was late. We stayed long enough to make sure the kids had a ride, but I think they were glad to get on their way and ditch the parents!


It stopped raining long enough to take some photos (about 100) with the backdrop of fall foliage.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Of Hemlines and Timelines


12:45 pm- I am supposed to be making a few alterations to my daughters homecoming dress… ‘bring it up to code’. Whether that’s Mormon code or Mommy approved code, it’s one in the same. I’ve been looking forward to it but now I find I keep stalling.  Every other household project I put off starts to suddenly seem more attractive. That’s me stalling. Sew the darn dress!

   I am definitely not a seamstress, but my little projects and alterations usually turn out pretty good. But who knows, maybe this will be the day I fail miserably.


1:15 pm-  The mom of another one of the double-daters just called all excited to chat about the get together time, which will be an amateur photo shoot for all the moms to fawn over our little darlings. I am so excited- and delighted she is doing this at her house because while I can be very enthusiastic, the thought of organizing and hosting events usually makes me get anxious and cry.

1:50 Daughter and I just got back from ordering the boutonniere. I also just realized that her skirt has black netting and I bought black tulle. So it’s time for a run ‘down the hill’ to JoAnn’s, which is actually a 35 minute commute.

Better get moving!

8:25 pm- UPDATE…I’m finished! Here’s a peek.


I added a little length with the black at the bottom, and an overlay of the netting so it matched what was already there. Even with the jacket the neckline was a bit low, so we found a black camisole that looks great, however I decided to add some black interfacing to the lace in front so it’s not so see through ( I slipped a paper in there so you could see it against the black of the jacket). I think it all goes great with the style of the dress. Now I just get to fret about doing her hair tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBC 1 Airs Emma

It’s a happy day for Janeites when a new Austen adaptation comes along. This is a heads up that Episode 1 of Emma has aired and some sweet person has put it up on You tube. Click here to watch Emma.

Until I have my own DVD in my hands this will have to do. The quality is excellent and so far I really like the approach to the story. Enjoy!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Thrift Store Find

I decided to join up with Junkin’ Monday today because I have the most awesome find. My Halloween costume.


Usually I don’t dress up much because I’m pretty busy trying to round up stuff for the kids. My husband will either wear a gross clown wig or put one of those nails with fake blood on his face (or both). But a while back he commented (teased) about how I like to get dressed up in dresses. This got me thinking……why not IMG_0581do it for Halloween? So I went about trying to find the perfect flouncy poofy skirt that I could put some tight princess like bodice with to create the ultimate girly costume- a Princess Angel Fairy.


Once I decided I wanted a poofy slip the thrift stores where I usually hunt for costume supplies had none to be found.

And then last week I was across town and happened to check the Goodwill, and I found it! My dream Princess Angel Fairy dress. And it fit. And it was el Cheapo!


I can’t wait to put the whole thing together. I can’t wait to answer the door to trick-or-treaters in it! Fun!

Baroness von Puur Chocolade Hagelslag


“There’s a surprise downstairs”.

Usually when my husband says that I am less than thrilled. It often means either he’s got me some kind of weird gag gift he knows I’ll hate (Obama mints?) Or he wants me to see some programming work he’s done and I can’t possibly grasp how amazingly cool it is or how much time it took to come up with those eight lines of code.

Soooo, Saturday  he informed me there was a surprise downstairs.

And guess what? There was Chocolate! NOW were talkin’!

You see a couple years ago he went to Amsterdam, and upon returning he informed me that what I previously thought of as a country with a confusing name (or names) was actually a land where people dump chocolate flakes all over their morning toast. How did I not know that? How could my intuition not tell me that there was such a country on this earth?

Recently he wanted to order another box of chocolate sprinkles- which are nothing like chocolate sprinkles in America that are brown but just taste blah. These babies are packing some serious cocoa! He found however, that they wouldn’t ship unless he ordered a bunch. Yessssssssss!


Do you see that? Do you see the chocolate on the toast? That’s the Suggested Serving, folks.

You have to obey that.

Here we see Extra Dark chocolate sprinkles, Dark Chocolate flakes, Milk chocolate flakes, Regular dark Chocolate Sprinkles, Two Boxes of Milk chocolate sprinkles, and a bag of chocolate Euros.

And their all MINE!!!!! (except for a box that will be making it’s way to a very special college girl in the near future).

My advice- don’t tell anyone you have it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Loss in our Family.

My dear Brother in Law passed away unexpectedly on Friday. I’ve pretty much been in shock all weekend. My husband has gone back to Portland today after going down for the day yesterday with one of our daughters.

It’s hard to convey the things you think about at a time like this. I am grateful that he and my husband had a long conversation hardly an hour before the heart attack occurred and that he was excited to come up for the Thanksgiving holiday. They discussed many gospel topics, as they are both Sunday school teachers, and I couldn’t help but think that he was already discovering the answers to the things he merely had faith in a few moments before. He had a solid testimony in Jesus Christ and was a very kind church member. He is joining his little sister who died of cancer several years ago and his father, who also died of a heart attack the October that he was 51 years old.

His poor mother now has two children here on earth and two in heaven with their father. We had her and my aunt over for dinner yesterday after conference.

There has been an outpouring of support from friends and neighbors. His children range from the 20’s down to a 14 year old daughter who is the youngest.

I’m writing but I don’t know what to say. I will miss him. I will refer you to my husband’s post if you want to hear more about him.



Friday, October 2, 2009

Off To See Wicked

IMG_0523w editYesterday my husband took me to the Paramount in Seattle to see ‘Wicked’. I had wanted to go so so so so bad- and he got tickets as an early anniversary present- about a month early, so we’ve been joking that it’s our Canadian Anniversary (you know how they celebrate Thanksgiving over a month before we do?)


Here are a couple more pictures from our day outIMG_0539

IMG_0525I also couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the lovely and historic Paramount Theater. I’ve been there once before but without a camera, so my sweetie smiled indulgently while I ran around taking pictures like a goof. But I had a blast. I hope you like them. 


Isn’t that chandelier dreamy?


IMG_0531 Paramount outside

I even thought the drinking fountain was adorable!


- Lynnae