Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poco a Poco Se Va Lejos- Read on.


So what’s going on over here??? I’ve been working on a few things but I’ve decided not to post pictures of those projects till I’m done. Because the mirror I posted on over a month ago is nearing completion but all of you have forgotten about it by now, and/or think I’VE forgotten about it  :)

It just takes time. I’m not a TV show where you have ten people behind the scenes making it look like a project was done in one afternoon. I’m sure most of you know how this is, and sometimes get discouraged that your own projects can’t be done that fast. But many of us have lives, busy ones, where decorating is not a career, but something you squeeze into a few stolen moments here and there. That’s OK! One of the FEW things I remember from high school Spanish was the phrase ‘Poco a poco se va lejos.’ (I hope I remembered that correctly) it means little by little you go far, and that’s a principle I base my life on because it’s so discouraging sometimes to measure myself up against the finished work I see from other people.

One bit of news. My daughter is going back to college and her room is to become my studio. Once again, I wish I could transform it overnight to a dream space from “Where Women Create”, but not having a Trading Spaces size crew (or budget) it will go slow. But I do intend to share its transformation with you one step at a time. Be warned, it still needs to be used by her when she comes home, and as our guest room, so I can’t get too crazy. But I am excited to have a room of my own to do with what I choose!

Egypt 'Lynnae dreamer' Charm

In the meantime, here’s a look at the soldered charm I made when my mom was visiting.

The front is an Egyptian picture from Karen at The Graphics Fairy. She finds such lovely pieces to share with us. Mom and I had such a fun time brainstorming ideas at the computer screen as we looked at image after image on the sidebar of her blog. Please visit, and better yet, follow, her site. I altered the ephemera a bit. On the bottom I wrote ‘dreamer’ and on the top I wrote my name, Lynnae. I also used digital image pro to make the woman’s top cover her…um…. top. Because that’s how I roll.

I wish it would have scanned it better, I guess glass charms do better with a photo. Oh well, next time. The back is a rub on embellishment over some K and Company scrapbook paper.

Until next time…sneak a little art into your day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Anne Elliot

Today is August 9th, the birthday of Jane Austen’s character Anne Elliot. I decided I wanted to celebrate by doing a little something for Anne. Last night when we got home from a local firework show Mom, me, and two of my girls watched Persuasion. We were up till 1:30 ringing in Anne’s special Day. My mom also reminded me that when Anne’s extravagant father and sister needed to economize, the best way they could think of was to not give any present to Anne. So with that in mind……

Here is my Gift to Anne


I made two paintings for her this week. I would also like to dedicate a song that caught my attention while thinking about this post. I heard it on my Opera Babes CD (Composed by Ennio Morricone and Andrea Moriccone; Arr. by Noely, Jon Cohen; Lyrics by Rebecca Knight).

Read the lyrics and tell me if it doesn’t just fit Anne Elliot and even Jane Austen a little.


You Live On in my Heart

I tell a tale about a girl like me,

Who loved a man but had to let him go,

She thought she could forget him but her heart would never mend.

Although she tried to live without her love,

She longed so that every waking day,

So haunted was her soul, she wished her life away.

I dreamt I saw you walking by the sea,

And wondered could I win your love once more?

I ran to you but still you grew more distant as I ran.

Then suddenly the wind began to blow,

I faltered, and there it was again,

The echo of your love, still whispering my name.


From time to time I shed a secret tear,

And even though I know our time has passed,

I still can’t bring myself to tell my heart to let you go,

And as we travel on from day to day,

Remember, although we are apart,

Wherever you may be, you live on in my heart.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Thinking of Persuasion....

Anne Elliot's Birthday Party approaches.

I have been so busy with my mom here this week that like most birthday parties it will be a bit of the rush to be ready. Please read THIS POST if you don't know about the party, and comment on that post if you want to participate. I know it's soon now.

I've made some cute soldered charms with Mom, plus I helped her make a new header for her blog My Way using some of her mixed media artwork, and showed her how to add gadgets to her sidebar. But we've also been running around a lot so I still have to finish my project for Anne......