Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes To The Dress

Dress shopping


My daughter chose a wedding dress! I am so excited! It is beautiful too. It was obvious in her face each time she had her dress on that it was the one.

Dress shopping was one of the purposes of our trip to Utah this past week, but we weren’t sure if that would be enough time to find the right dress. The picture above is my daughter at one of the stores we went to in the morning. When we found ‘The Dress’ it was at later in the day at Abella Bridal in Provo. We had an entourage of me, my mom, the Bride to Be and my two other daughters, and the soon-to-be sister-in-law. We got some great pictures together and lovely shots of my daughter trying on the dress, but they are all TOP SECRET for now. Her fiancé is very sweet and supportive but does not want any hint of the wedding dress until the big day.

This is one of those moments in a mothers life that is just beyond description. I thought I might cry….(my mom certainly wiped away a few tears) but I was actually just giddy with excitement. To see the happiness on my daughter’s face, and the oooh’s and ahhh’s from her little sisters, was just priceless.

Once the dress was chosen my brain left me completely and I started doing things like leaving my purse in the restroom, thinking my credit card expired on Jan 14 rather January of 2014, and coming to a full stop at yellow lights. I know it was my daughter’s moment, but I think I was as joyful as she was.

I love my girls so much. I look forward to having these special experiences with all of them and I am so honored to be their mother. The Lord has blessed me greatly.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Into February

IMG_3664 2011 is in full swing now. It usually takes me most of January to recover from the holidays. That’s why I never make New Years Resolutions. With me it’s more like a yearly ‘End of January assessment’. Once the routine gets back to normal I am able to think more clearly about how life is functioning and what would make it better. High on the the list is ‘Try to Get Enough Sleep’, and along with that, ‘More Art’. So we’ll see how it goes.

On the art front, the Burton girls are having another fun valentines swap. It’s a nice thing to do as sisters, sister in law’s, moms and daughters. Those who are too busy may bow out, those who really need it right now, like me, are in. The picture above is just a shot of the table while I was grafting. I’ve been in a bit of an art deficit, so I’m going all out with this little beauty, which is why it will probably be late! (Forgiveness- another great benefit of being in a family art swap.)

I will post a picture of the final valentine after I wait a few days for my gals to get theirs in the mail.


My Third Annual Jane Austen Day is on hold for now, because we are going out of town for midwinter break when I have had the party in the past. I will be talking wedding plans with one daughter and taking care of another who is getting her wisdom teeth out. But the Jane Austen party will happen. Our theme will be Sense and Sensibility’s 200th Anniversary. I am also thinking of a fun door prize drawing for those who come in Regency costume.