Monday, March 30, 2009

Magazine Chat

I have been anxiously scouring the magazine stands these days, since a couple of my favorite magazines have dissapeared. I was sad about the demise of Home Companion, and its sweet cottage style decor and showcase of artist's homes and workspaces. It was soothing to see Somerset's "Where Women Create" which could patially fill the void. But I've been watching for two that I don't subscribe to, but buy often when I need a pick me up, or want a 'non-food' reward, so, yeah, every month. I have recently become a fan of "La Vie Claire" Which specializes in Women artists and their homes, trips, studios, inspirations. All in all it inspires me.

I love "Romantic Homes" magazine. It is always beautiful, and little inspirations from the decorating are always sneaking into my house. The pictures are luscious. I read and re-read. So I began getting nervous about not seeing it on the newsstand. Then a couple days ago it was there. And not only was it there, but with the most beautiful cover. The color and depth of the room pictured on the front was just gorgeous. I love teal, especially a dark smoky teal like this paired with the red.. Ooohh. Heres a scan for you.....

Here's wishing you a sunny corner or at least a cozy bubble bath moment to enjoy your favorite magazine.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Behold Me Immortal.....

Almost 22 years ago I married my sweetie, and we hopped on an Amtrack train to San Fransisco on our way to his Air Force base in Japan. During our stay we walked and took the trolley around town. At one stop near the corner of California and Powell there was some wet cement, so we wrote our names in it. Something I had never done before or since.

Jon & Lynnae

Fast forward to this week. Hubby is at the Game Developers Conference and things are a little slow, so what does he do? Answer-walk up to the California and Powell to see if our names are still there. And they were. He called right away and I was so excited. I don't know what was sweeter, that they were still there, or that he climbed up that steep street just to check. I love him!
Here's the pavement, a little worse for wear.

Here we are at the carousel on the pier in 1987.....

And these are from our 20th Anniversary at Disneyland.....
It's strange how a silly thing like a piece of sidewalk can make me think about all we've been through in the past 21 years.
I am so thankful for my husband, and that he has been with me through it all.
(I Love You!)

From Victory Garden to Felony Garden???

Just a little aside, if you are a gardener, like organic food, or just want the government to let you control your own life, please read Jan's blog and sign the petition.

I don't often blog about politics even though I'm a definite conservative and freedom loving Reaganite...The erosions of our freedom get my blood boiling, and since this blog is my happy place, I focus more on art and projects and other things. But please follow the link and read.
-Lynnae aka: Fit To See Jane

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I do love all things Jane Austen, as you know. But for some reason I just haven't seized the opportunity to buy the new book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I don't want to let my readers down, (all six of you) so here is a review from a young friend who just finished the book.

"........Well I don't know if you personally would enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but I highly enjoyed it myself. Also I do not think that the introduction of the supernatural into the story was negative at all. I think the aspect of zombies broadens the fan base who would be attracted to read the book, it stays very close to the original story, and only a few plot points deviate from it. For example, Darcy pays for Wickham and Lydia to be married, gives them 1000 pounds per annum, and sets Wickham up to learn to be a pastor at a seminary for the lame, the only condition is that Darcy rendered him lame himself, then they blamed the injuries on a carriage accident.

The relationship of Charlotte lucas and Mr. Collins, if that is considered major, is affected by the zombie aspect, because she is bitten, and she knows she will turn into an unmentionable (the zombies are referred to as that, or 'the stricken' in most of the book) and Charlotte marries Mr. Collins in spite of her only having months left before she becomes a zombie.
Lady Catherine is known as a very rich woman, but also a great slayer of the unmentionables when she was younger, and she was trained in Japan, and The Bennets were trained in China, so when Lady Catherine asks if Elizabeth is engaged to Mr. Darcy, and she says no, then Lady Catherine asks if she will promise never to marry him, she says she would rather die than see her honor so defiled, and Lady Catherine says "then die you shall!" and they fight each other, and of course Elizabeth wins, and so Catherine says "finish me, cut off my head, you are the victor" but Elizabeth lets her go, so Darcy isn't mad, etc.
"Overall I would say the book has a serious tone, despite the zombie slaying, haha. I mean in all 317 pages of it, I can only think of a few pages where an actual joke is said, the rest is just funny when Elizabeth knows Wickham's sordid past, and vaguely hints to him about it, which is funny, at least I believe it is..."

Thank You Gary, for Keeping us Janeites informed.

I personally like the idea of the starched Lady C. being a zombie hunter, but the most plausible plot point in P&P&Z is the Charlotte Lucas angle. Come on, havent you always thought "Why on earth would Charlotte consent to spend her life with the odious Mr. Collins" ?? It turns out she's a pre zombie who just wants to make her last days comfortable. Too bad she moved so close to Lady Catherine!
And why not P&P&Z? It can't be straying any farther than all those lusty soft porn sequels
being cranked out to 'pay homage' to P&P. I think Jane would have prefered the Zombie plots. Just look at her juvenalia!

And finally, as long as were talking supernatural, I got the following facebook flair:


Have a good Day! I said GOOD DAY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hands off the High Tech

Yesterday was my weekly call to grandma, asking her questions about her life and childhood. She told me a wealth of great stories during our talk.
This story is about their radio. My grandma as a girl in the 1920's was only allowed in the front room if she was dusting the bottoms of the furniture. Her father's radio was in that room and no one was allowed to touch it. He had it all set up to recieve his news channel when he came home from work. Her mother wouldn't tune the radio or use it, and her impression was that her mom was frustrated by the technology and couldn't work it.
Some things must run in the family. When I am faced with a computer issue that makes me so mad, I will think now of my great grandma standing in front of that staticky polished box in the front room.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes, I am still alive. My daughter and I just finished our play, "The Music Man" in which I played one of the Pick-a-little Ladies. Not only was I in the play and busy with rehearsals, I agreed to design and paint sets too, so I've spent pretty much the last two weeks at the church. This is my Daughter and I getting ready for the Saturday Matinee show.
Last night was also my last session of the communtiy college class I've been taking.
I haven't been in a classroom OR a play for about 24 years, so this was quite an experience for me. I've been out of my comfort zone!

I may have been in a rut before, but I miss my rut. I'm ready to hop back in. Should the need arise, I may take another class someday, or be in a play, that was fun. But if I ever agree to design and paint sets- just shoot me or make reservations at the local mental hospital, because I can't take that again!
In the next picture I am in the center, and you can get a look at some of the set painting behind us.It's nice to be back on the bloggosphere, and the kitchen table for that matter.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where Women Create

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately...too many projects all of a sudden, and my manageable life quickly spins out of control. I'm not one of these creative types who can dabble in five projects at a time and juggle life on little or no sleep. If I get involved in too much, then I start forgetting things, missing things, losing things.

Is it a myth that some people can get by on five hours of sleep? I try and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Eight makes me happy, seven I can still function, and six...well, I don't remember your name, I put the milk carton in the Tupperware cabinet, and cry over a traffic jam. I begin not handling my stress well, and then I can't sleep when I do have the time.

During a trip to the hardware store for one of said projects, I happened on this little gem...
Now, anything from Somerset Studio is just dreamy, perfect for a bubble bath or a five minute time out. This is the second issue of their new magazine, Where Women Create, and it features the shops and work spaces of creative women. I find it inspiring and fun to see their styles come through. And, it helps me remember why I got involved in all these projects in the first place.
So the magazine is highly recommended by me. It does cost a little more, but it only comes out quarterly, and it is choc full of great photography (unlike some other decorating magazines I flip through and think "where are all the ROOMS?").

I did have a moment of pause, however, on the creators page in the front of the magazine. I can identify with her feelings of 'so much too do, not enough time in the day', but on the side bar there was a little daily schedule that started with "Answer e-mail" at 4:30 in the morning, and ended with "Creative Time" from 10 pm to Midnight.
Hello? Does this woman really do it on four and a half hours of sleep? Is that why she's a big time creative editor and I'm happy if I break out the paints once a month? My dog woke up at four thirty last night (yes, this is night) and I almost cried.

Have I been lying to myself thinking I can do creative awesome things a little at a time, and still enjoy luxuries, like sleep?

I can't tell if I'm discouraged, overwhelmed or both. Feel free to leave comments, compliments, or psychological evaluations.