Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Defending Jane

The following is my response to a Dartmouth Press article which attempts to guess why people like Jane Austen.

 Austen’s Power By Peter Blair

Did the author ever READ a Jane Austen Novel? There were many other novelists at the same time whose writings exhibited the similar cultural aspects. Austen stands out now for the same reason she did then, for those clever enough to read her properly. She is funny, hilarious even, but in ways that sneak up on you. Her insight into human nature is shrewd, sometimes painfully shrewd. Her writings show me that despite a vastly different code of conduct in society, human nature does not change at all. As you get to know the characters in an Austen book you recognize them as people you know and understand.
Lady at Jane Austen's writing tableJane herself said she did not write for 'dull elves'. In humor she is a forerunner to Oscar Wilde more than anyone. Her imagery is delightful, her symbolism is clever, and her sense of irony rewards the reader at every turn. For example, I find it fascinating that Mrs. Norris, arguably the most evil person in Austen's literary world, has many of the juiciest, most ironic lines aimed at her. It's as if Fanny is defenseless but Jane is not, and jabs that mean Aunt with a pen now and then.
  So when some see bonnets and costumes and romance, I see that and more. I see a wonderful balance between an incisive humor and a morality deeper than the social customs that define it outwardly.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Engagement Pictures


My daughter got her engagement photos done!


I am so excited. They turned out adorable.

I will share a few with you.    




The photos were taken by my talented niece, Michelle Sutterfield.

My husband read that a couple should have pictures taken at a place of significance. They took pictures at some wonderful places, although we commented that their ‘place of significance’ should be the doors to the Emergency Room there at the hospital in Provo, since they have been there a lot due to illness and/or injury. But I’m sure these turned out much prettier.

Getting ready for a wedding is overwhelming sometimes, but seeing these darling kids and their happiness captured forever is definitely one of the payoffs.