Friday, October 10, 2014

The Grandma Arts

santaIf you catch me humming a Christmas song even though it’s still early in October don’t be surprised. Something special has got me in the holiday spirit.

Remember when I told you about the wonderful Christmas Stockings my grandma made for all of her descendants and their husbands and wives? Well, over the summer I talked to my sister Shannon about starting one for my grandson.

She said, “Well, since you’ve been doing so much crocheting I thought maybe YOU’D like to do it”.

I haven’t knitted more than an iffy ‘potholder’, so I wasn’t sure. But thinking of the traditions and of my own little grandbaby I decided to give it a go.

stocking 1Shannon is a great teacher and soon I was up and running, knitting a project I always thought would be way too complex. As I make this stocking I feel very close to my own Grandmother who is no longer with us and to my little grandson who lives over half a country away.

stocking 2

I also feel love for my family and nostalgia for Christmases, past and future. Here’s to traditions!