Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas 2009 1
Here are a few photos of Christmas around my house. After you visit mine, tour more homes by clicking the link at the right.
IMG_0856Welcome ! 
IMG_0859This is my living room. I have a collection of Santas on my piano.
 More of the living room and entry.IMG_0839
 IMG_0876 This is our family room.
I had to clear out some of the Rockband instruments and other game things for this picture, but I still see a few I missed. Grandma made the candles on the top shelf, along with the stockings and nativity. In the 50’s she began making stockings for all her children, their spouses, grandchildren, spouses, and so on. She has made dozens, if not a hundred.
IMG_0887 This is a nativity that my grandmother made.
Christmas 2009 nook light Breakfast Nook
I can never stick with the same color scheme from room to room.  My breakfast nook is light and bright and cheerful.
Many more Christmas decorations were made by my Grandma. She would work all year on ceramics for her grandchildren. And she has a LOT of grandchildren!
Christmas 2009 nook light
I hope you enjoyed your tour of my home! Merry Christmas!
Christmas 2009 Crescent Santa


  1. Your home is beautiful!!!! What talent you have! i have been so amazed at everyones beautiful decorations-- makes mine look pretty puny, but oh well! ;) its still fun!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Lynnae, its gorgeous, good work, come do my house!
    Jill Dolbeare

  3. I love the vintage feel. The memories of Christmas past grow fonder as the years go by.

  4. Thanks for visiting, everyone. You may have noticed there's no tree yet. With little kids the ornaments may all be placed on the same low branch, but with older kids the planets have to align in order to even go get the tree together. I'll put up pictures when we get it though.

  5. I love it! I wish I knew how to make a collage like you did, I took so many more pictures but decided to keep mine short.

    Your house looks great- and I love the white able!

  6. Not to mention your uncooperative husband is even now hoping he doesn't get snowed in in Montreal when it is time to fly home!

  7. Oh. That would be sad!
    Ramsam, I used the photo collage on Microsoft digital image pro, but other programs have them too. It's meant for printing but I just get it the way I want and then crop it.
    Are your pictures up? Your house always looks cute!

  8. The garlands are to die for - I'm a sucker for staircase garland. I want a staircase for that one and only reason.

  9. Thanks! That came from Tai Pan Trading Co in Utah last year. It barely fit in my suitcase! But it just 'goes' with my whole room so well.

    Jill- I wish I could come decorate your house. I really think we need to get together sometime.

  10. Checking out the tour and I found a Burton! Your home is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  11. We're everywhere!
    But what gave it away, the face, the sister's comment, or the huge knitted stocking! :)

  12. Your home is absolutely beautiful! The year we had our first child our tree was stopped at lights. I was putting them on while in labor and never made it to the ornaments. ;o) But it was still beautiful.

  13. I have two December babies myself so I know the feeling. It was Christmas Day when I brought my youngest baby home.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my house :) I've been a lurker on your site many times before, shhhh!


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