Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why It's Called "The Little White Attic"

In Jane Austen's novel, Mansfield Park, the heroine, Fanny Price, is given the attic to be her bedroom, by her cruel Aunt, Mrs. Norris. Far from the luxurious chambers of her cousins, her small unwanted room was beyond even the servant's quarters. The room is referred to as "The Little White Attic".
Mansfield Park is a novel brimming with symbolism, particularly when it comes to locations and their inhabitants. The name 'little white attic' is symbolic of the heroine, Fanny price. The attic is small, plain and unwanted, like Fanny herself. However the color white denotes purity, and the location of the attic above the rest of the household represents Fanny's superior moral values in a household full of selfishness and unprincipled motives.
So welcome to The Little White Attic, my tribute to my favorite Austen Heroine, a model of sweetness, perserverance, and above all, the determination to do right, come what may.


  1. That is a great story behind the blog name. I didn't know it. I love your blog- just it's overall feel and all of your artsyness comes through. I am glad you have it so we have a nother way to connect!

  2. Great story! Have you seen Brittany's blog yet?

    She loves Jane Austen too.

  3. I must confess I have not yet read Mansfield Park, but I did recently the movie through Netflix . . . I loved it! Now I must acquire the book somehow. . . Thank you for sharing that little tidbit of Austen symbolism. It makes me love Fanny Price even more.It's funny, I took a quiz a while ago about which Austen Character I am, and my result was Fanny Price, but at the time I didn't know anything about her. I hope I really am like her though. She's definitely one of the best!


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