Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Studio


Please come on into my studio. I’ve been up late trying to get it just right for the Where Bloggers Create blog party. Join in and visit MANY wonderful studios and art corners created by fellow bloggers. If this is your first time visiting me at The Little White Attic, then WELCOME.  This room used to be my daughter’s bedroom before she went to college. For almost a year now it has been my creative space and a room for goofing off, trial and error, and a lot of messes. Luckily I can just close the door!IMG_2224

IMG_2236 This room also still serves as our guest room, but I have to clear out some of my things. Now for grand tour of my room……..


On the easel is one of the paintings I did last fall that was inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Now that my children are getting older I am trying to devote more time to painting, but it is very easy to let other things take priority. I wanted this room to inspire me, and also to be a place where I could experiment artistically. I think to come up with good ideas you have to be free to play around. You may have some silly ideas, and some that are just no good at all, but from all that creative time comes a few good ideas now and then. Everything doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.


This mural in progress is based on a painting of London’s Vauxhall Gardens circa 1815.


Some people say that items that appeal to you will go together in your house. This room puts that to the ultimate test. I am still pretty new at having a studio, and things are not organized AT ALL. I have boxes slid under the bed and a little space in the closet, but as I’ve gathered art supplies from around my house for each project, I would rather play than organize. but one of these days it will have to be done.

 IMG_2228 IMG_2204

Here you can see a corner of my dollhouse. Here’s a closer look.

 IMG_2273 This is the dollhouse I have sat at to play from the time I was six years old. After being passed from younger sisters to nieces it found it’s way back to me. My original decorating that I did with my mom was long gone, so I’ve been stripping it down and reworking it. IMG_2264 IMG_2267




Another shot of the mural I’m painting, and my fancy bell collection.


day 2 IMG_2253 My scarves have migrated from the bedroom closet onto the back of the door in my art studio.


My dress form is all dolled up for the occasion…..

And above the closet door, my chorus line of beloved




IMG_2246 And here’s the shelf that holds almost all of my Jane Austen books



More Jane Austen books…….including my trusty compilation which is falling apart. I’m currently re-reading Sense and Sensibility and I can hardly hold it with the cover dangling. Time for a new book.IMG_2248

Here’s the view from my window in the daytime. It may be to cloudy to see the lovely mountains today, but you can see all out Washington state greenery, including a Christmas Tree lot behind our house.


And a few more random photos of the room………….

IMG_2255 IMG_2209


day 1IMG_2239

I love color! 

IMG_2229 IMG_2217


Necklace from Beth Quinn Designs I won in a blog giveaway. Yay!


This room used to be my college daughter’s bedroom. You can see her creative space at Paisley Muffin, if you haven’t been there yet. If you are going alphabetically then you’ve already seen it.

Now that the blog party is completed, my next task is to sew my regency dress for the Jane Austen Annual General Meeting in October. I need a new dress for the banquet and ball. I can’t wait to learn more dances. My mom and I are going to Portland for the AGM together and then….THREE days of nothing but all-Jane-all-the-time. I can’t wait! So follow along, especially if you love Jane like I do.

After that it will be the holidays, and then time to think about my third annual Jane Austen Tea Party in February for some of my friends and family here in the Seattle area.

Thanks for visiting The Little White Attic!


I would love your comments!


  1. That looks so cool! I love the mural.

  2. Your studio is incredible. Seriously.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog comment lead-in--you're brilliant!)

  4. Hey sis, this is so inspiring. I love the Jane stuff, I love the ballerina picture, the Christ picture, the mural- I want to sleep on that bed under the sparkles and wake up to a day of projects....what do you say?

    I am so jealous to see you are up and ready to participate in the blog party. I hope I am there someday!

  5. Ramsam....Next time you get away from the family for a solo trip the bed is yours, lights and all. We would have so much fun. (Until, like last time, we just were completely exhausted from staying up till 2 or 3 every night!)

  6. LOVE your space! My favorite thing is the heart garland... did you make that? Beautiful!
    Have a great day!
    P.S. thanks for the sweet comments on my bloggity blog! :)

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  7. Wonderful space Lynnae!
    As I've said many times before, your paintings are gorgeous and that wall is certainly a work of art :)

  8. That is a magnificent space! Totally magical. I love the little lights...what a wonderful place that would be for a guest. I love the painting on the easel, too. Very nice touch. The heart garland is also adorable.

    My daughter, Kat and I are three months old (in blog time) and are a mother/daughter jewelry-making team.I didn't get my space clean but would love to have you stop by sometime.

    Susan (Suz) Reaney
    (not just about jewelry)

  9. Your studio is just beautiful! What a magical space. Love the mural and your childhood dollhouse too. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I'm so sorry for the double post. The previous comment was mine but I didn't know someone else in my house was signed in to blogger. Thank you again for the lovely tour.

  11. Love your little white attic, so beautiful, the doll house is my favorite! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad we are all here at the party so we get to know each other, off to see some of your past posting, especially curious about your artwork!

  12. I like color too. I also have a doll house but this is something I bought. I never had such a thing growing up.I love yours and I also adore what you did with the mural on the walls. your space looks magical.

  13. Oh, I LOVE the doll house! I would love to have one too - it brings back special memories from my childhood - and your mural is just amazing, Kristin xo

  14. This is an inspiring blog, m'dear.

    You are one talented chick !

    You may now put the paintbrush down for a moment and curtsey.

    I especially adore the idea of your Jane Austen BB. My immediate thought was - "Now why didn't I think if that? "

    As a fellow Jane lover, I must inform you, on the off chance that you may not presently have it in your possession, that there is a typestyle called Jane Austen at A perfect script for grocery lists, lunchbox notes and letters to the editor - all executed in HER flowing hand.

    Will be checking out the Jane/Portland/Thingee,
    you can believe it!

    Thank you!

  15. I didn't know you were doing a mural in there - It's beautiful!!!
    Everything looks so great, and creative and fun and inspiring.

  16. Lynnae,

    You are very creative. Such an inspirational home to sit back and create. Job well the lights and all of the fun stuff. What a terrific studio, or should I say studios? So many goodies to get lost in!
    Queen Bee Studio

  17. What a magical creative space. So, enjoyed my visit with you.
    Have a great week.

  18. To Lisa... The HEART GARLAND was actually pretty easy. I made a page crammed with heart outlines in publisher, printed them on scrapbook paper (I cut 12x12 pages to fit in my printer) and cut them out at night while watching tv. If you bought a heart punch out it would be eave easier, but I'm cheap.
    And then I just sewed through them one after the other on the sewing machine. That part goes so fast and would work for hearts, circles, even letters. I made yards and yards. Just keep them from getting tangled as you sew. Have fun!

  19. Oh! Another Austen fan :) I love how you're painting a mural of Vauxhall Gardens ... not that it was at all a reputable place to be in 1815, if I remember my history correctly.... Love the patchwork paper behind the bed --- for some reason it reminds me of Indian paisley .... which is very Austen :)

    Off to check your other posts....

  20. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  21. What a lovely magical romantic space! The pixies adore too!
    Thanks for having us over!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  22. Hi Lynnae, thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me and to leave such a sweet comment. I love the mural and your dress form looks so angelic and very romantic, the whole room is beautifully magical and a wonderful place to dream and create. I'll be back to visit again :)
    Have a super sweet day!!

  23. Hi Lynnae, Wow your creative space is just so beautiful I love every photo. thanks for visiting. I really love the picture of the raggedys!

    Have a beautiful day Lisa

  24. OMG I want to stay in your guest is so obvious you are really creative. If you look at my space you will have a hard time believing I am! ha!


  25. Lovely, creative space you have designed. Very sweet romantic touches.
    Best wishes,

  26. What an inspiring room you have! I love the mural--it's going to be gorgeous when it's complete! I love all your decorative touches as well. Your paintings are great--wish I could be so talented. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Your mural is stunning! And the little lights around the bed are such a fun touch. Thank you for inviting us!

  28. You are so cute and I love what you do. I want to come back when I can look around you beautiful home.


  29. Lynnae, thanks for stopping by! I love your space so inspiring and whimsical. the wings are quite heavenly!

    luvs and glitter

  30. I love the mural..I'd love to have one painted in my bedroom..your studio is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

    I'd love for you to come over for a stroll through my studio. It's been an ongoing transformation for almost a year since I moved in to our new home.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  31. Thanks for sharing your studio! It's been so fun to peek into open doors online and see what others have done, and what they create!
    Thanks for your mirror advice on my blog! I'm going to have Mr. Mark hang it today. I think you are right...bigger is better, and with 3 girls...we'll need a big mirror! :)
    Have a great day!

  32. Love your space - you are a talented painter! I am also a huge Jane Austen fan as well as the owner of a dollhouse that is being refurbished - slowly! Thanks for sharing your studio space with us.

  33. Beautiful! I love your work area. Especially the dress form with the white dress and angel wings. It's a great display. Thanks for the stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  34. What a romantic space! So, very beautiful and your mural in just incredible!

  35. Your mural creates such a wonderful atmosphere! And yes, make time to paint!!! Your portrait on the easel is beautiful.

  36. such a fun space! love the colors! looks like an inspiring place to create.
    have a great weekend, xo natalea

  37. Love your mural and all the wonderful artistic touches. I keep wanting to paint hollyhocks on a wall but always chicken out. It's very encouraging seeing what you've accomplished so beautifully. You also have an incredible view. It was a treat visiting you, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.

  38. Thank you for the tour of your creative space. I love all your little collections...treasures to be inspired by. The dollhouse is very special!

  39. Oh goodness Lynae, your studio and your artwork are just amazing. I am inspired now! I love all the beautiful color everywhere.

  40. Lynnae thank you for stopping and leaving such nice comments, I truely appreciate them. I do so admire you mural work - something I would not dare as I have not been given that gift. Your miniature furniture is so cute.


  41. Hi Lynnae I love your creative space! I adore the burst of color you have through out and your dress form all dolled up for the occasion is beautiful! Not to mention your!

  42. What a perfectly wonderful studio..thanks so much for sharing it all with us I enjoyed the tour!

  43. I, too, love all things Austen. Stepping into your studio is like going back to a time when life was gentler and artistic pursuits were encouraged and allowed to develop. Your studio is gorgeous, as is you blog. I've signed up to follow and will come back often when I need a little escape from reality!

    I'm so glad you stopped by my studio, and am very pleased to meet you indeed...


  44. Amazing mural! I am not worthy. You are a true artist, I am a tinkerer. Love the lights,scarfs and angel. Thank you for sharing! Hugs! ~Robin~

  45. You have a beautiful creative space! Thanks so much for visiting me...I'm always amazed at the difference in all our special rooms.
    It's so fun to see how everyone's mind works.........thank goodness we're all different! I love Jane Austen too, what a gracious time in history.

  46. Oh what a lovely space! It's so colorful. Congrats for getting back into painting, don't you just love it :D Thank you for sharing your studio and for stopping by to take a peak at mine. May you have a magical day :)

  47. lovely space! thanks for showing us around-love those lights~

  48. Thanks for stopping by my studio. I love your room. The lights, hearts hanging from the ceiling, but the mural adds a special element to your room. I signing up to follow, so I can see it completed. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  49. There is such a free spirited bohemian feel to your amazing creative space. Your mural is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  50. Hi Lynnae,

    You mural is beautiful - what an inspiring piece to have in your studio. Thanks for stopping by my studio in Brussels. Oh....I hope you have been able to visit this too.....but I recently had the chance to see Winchester Cathedral where Jane is buried! Fascinating that she was buried among kings, bishops and saints. Cheers - Cathy

  51. Cathy...I haven't been to Winchester Cathedral, but I would say that's her rightful place! :)

  52. I'm so jealous! I wish I could paint that good!:) beautiful! I'm also a big Jane Austin fan!! One of my girfriends just got back from a Jane Austin tour last week! I so wish I could have gone! Thanks for visiting me!

  53. Thank you for visiting! i love the mural!! Awesome work a very creative space:O) Jane Austen was one of the challenges on the Bravo art show today and your paintings would have done AWESOME!! Thanx again for sharing and visiting:O) Isabel

  54. Lynnae you room is wonderful. That mural that you are painting just blows me away! It is fabulous! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing it all with us.
    My Desert Cottage

  55. What a lovely studio! I started following your blog because of the Jane Austen theme (obviously), but dollshouses are my thing so I enjoyed seeing your childhood dollshouse in the photos. Will you be redoing it in Jane Austen style? ~Josje~

  56. Josje...actually yes, I want to make it look like something from the Austen Era. I'm trying to keep it's vintage charm and not change to much, but I did paint the outside in colors resembling 1995 P&P's Longbourne. And here's a post on one room that I papered to look like Chawton Cottage.

  57. WOWSER! You are some kind of talented!!! The painting and the mural are incredible! Oh your studio may be fun now, but I can see that it is going to be some kind of even more wonderful a year from now.....Enjoyed the tour, thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Romeo and "her"

  58. What a pretty studio. The mural is beautiful! I love Jane Austen, too - my favorite Austen lady is Fanny Price, I think she would love your studio.

  59. WOW your room is so lovely and romantic.
    Your art and murals are FANTASTIC!!!
    thanks for sharing

  60. Gypsy- Fanny Price is my absolute favorite! She is so awesome.

  61. Absolutely charming! A magical place - love the hearts and wall mural. Enjoy sewing your gowns for the ball. I'm sure they will be amazing. Thanks for the tour!

  62. Very pretty - love the wall of colored papers, the chinese lanterns, and lovely lights! Enjoyed seeing all the Jane Austen books and collectibles as well as your beautiful paintings. Lovely!

  63. Your studio is wonderful!!! I love your art work, you are very talented!!! Wish I could come to your Jane Austen Tea Party!!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and seeing my little craft cottage! Thanks for the sweet comments!!

  64. I was thrilled when you commented on my studio. I really think we are kindred spirits. I love anything Jane Austen and have sewn some Jane Austen look Dresses in the past. I would love to email you. Mine is I have lots to talk about with you. (I am LDS too) I also love your studio very much, and your decorating abilities are amazing.

  65. How did I miss this sparkling little jewel on your page?

    Its all so lovely.....

    so so open window to the soul...

    Thank you for the inspiration today!

  66. All of your Jane Austen books....I have a pile of them too! happy to have met you...I do hope we'll become steadfast friends!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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