Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Happened in Utah Stays in Utah (and gets posted on my blog)

Utah collage

Two days of driving with my daughter.

Moving her into her new apartment.

Catching up with my sisters.

Shopping- groceries, mall, and fabulous stores that we don’t have out in Washington.

Watching a great production of Wizard of Oz.

Staying up until 3am every night……And then it gets a little strange…..

Looking like a puppet, Took me five tries but I finally got it….

And the illustrious Prank Baby.

Stay tuned………


  1. What great pictures! You and Ramona are gorgeous.

  2. That is one shiny witch! (note to self...powder before the meet and greet). I love the collage, and I find it a little incredible to think you packed all of that into the few days we had.
    as they say on "Web Side Story"...I can't wait to read about me on your blog!"
    And you DO look gorgeous in all of those pictures! How is that possible?

  3. I think it's because I do the cropping....

    Do they make green powder?


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