Friday, September 18, 2009

Inside My Brain….The Home Game

Some people receive inspiration and great ideas when dreaming, or in that somewhat meditative in-between sleep state.

I do too….and yet, it’s a little different.

Yesterday I had a procedure called ‘Dry Needling’ in my foot to help my severe plantar fasciitis. I won’t go into details, but if your foot started to curl up in pain just hearing the name of the procedure then you are on the right track. Here’s my lovely boot that I get to wear around for a while.


I’m pretty tough when it comes to pain. But when you need to take care of yourself, you do it, and when you need to baby yourself, you baby yourself, otherwise you prolong misery, and in the end it’s worse for you and your loved ones.

But the night splint was another story. Because sleeping is VERY  important to me, and it’s hard to sleep with some monstrosity strapped to your leg. The night splint is like a deranged ski boot. It’s open on top so air can circulate, and has a series of straps to keep your foot flexed in a 90 degree angle or more all night. The trouble is that the configuration of the straps allows your heel to lift out a little, and the ball of the foot starts burning as it pushes into the splint. I’ve had it for two weeks, and never made it past 4 am in that thing. But the procedure yesterday made it more important I wear the splint, and I was miserable…. jerking and startling all night.

Until around 1 am..I started to drift off and heard a trusted voice….It was Big Bird calling for Mr. ‘Looper’, his friendly advisor. I saw the outside of Hooper’s store on Sesame Street, Big Bird standing outside the window needing help….and then I hear ‘cross the straps’ and I saw in my minds eye the night splint with the foot and ankle straps crossed over the ankle to hold the heel in place. I hobbled into the bathroom, made the strap adjustment, and then came back to bed where I drifted off to sleep.

Well, I know ‘from whence my inspiration cometh’, but sometimes the messengers just have to make me smile.

 hooper4 Mr. Hooper and Big Bird




  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain but what an amazing story of inspiration! I am not one of those blessed with this gift - enjoy it!

  2. DId you happen to take any pain meds the night you heard Big Bird and Mr Hooper?
    Just curious....

  3. I had that once and the doctor taped my foot with sports tape. I don't think I could stand a boot either.

  4. Oh friendly Mr. Hooper....that contraption looks miserable. I've had foot/ankle issues with similar boots to sleep in - no fun! Get well soon!


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