Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stand a Little Taller

IMG_3832 I saw this cute sign while I was out shopping the other day. I don’t know what I like more, the cottage style, the Empire State Building, or the cheery message.

“Stand a Little Taller- Make Each Day a Little Better Than the One Before”.

That’s just what I need to see when I come down on a groggy school day morning.

I bought the sign at Cost Plus World Market. They had a lot of merchandise out for spring and I couldn’t resist a photo of these brightly colored decorations.


It’s good to have your camera with you.

Last week I also got a little tired of the shelves in my family room. So they went from this……IMG_3802

To this……IMG_3834 I need to switch out some accessories I think, But I only can seem to get a little done at a time, so it’s a start. To some people (like my sweet husband) it may seem like I randomly pulled out some paint and started painting something, but this shelf has been bugging me, and I’ve been thinking about painting it for a long time.IMG_3803

Not that there’s anything wrong with randomly painting something……


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ceremony Magazine

Since we’ve been planning my daughter’s wedding I have fallen in LOVE with Ceremony magazine. Page after page of gorgeous wedding decor, flowers, photography examples- Ahhhhh.

ceromony When you open most bridal magazines you see a lot of white. And I’m not talking about the dresses. There is just a lot of empty space and boring words. Fifteen pages of rings and another fifteen of dresses, a few bland cakes thrown into the mix.

The first time I flipped through Ceremony at the Barnes and Noble newsstand I was in awe. I may have bought it even if I wasn’t planning a wedding, because the colors and ideas are just lovely. And each page is packed. It’s a beautiful barrage of real southern California weddings, flowers, cakes, and locations in every style. I don’t live in California, and even if I did I couldn’t afford the expense of one of these weddings, but oh, the inspiration!

Affiliated with California Wedding Wave, there are San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange county versions, and for each place the magazine is out for the whole year (but the cover changes with the seasons, so don’t get tricked into buying one you already own).

If you love weddings, flowers, photography, even throwing parties, I’m sure there is something in this thick, beautiful magazine for you.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Time to Craft

My head is full of plans for my daughters wedding so I haven’t had time to craft or paint (or blog much for that matter) lately. I’ve been feeling like I’m constantly behind when it comes to housework, and when I do have free time I feel too exhausted to even get out supplies.

I did put up a couple of things around the house. Do you want a peek inside?

One is the lovely tray I got at Pier One. It has a rose and a dragonfly. I won’t say I collect dragonflies, but my name ‘Lynnae’ is part of the scientific name for dragonflies, so if I see something cute with one on it I feel like it’s meant for me. This is in my kitchen over the door that goes into the dining room.IMG_3782

I bought these plate holders over a year ago at TaiPan Trading and they’ve just been sitting in a box. So I finally got some nails and put those up too, in the breakfast nook. The two smaller plates are also from Taipan. I do use these plates from time to time, but I like the display and will just take them down and wash and use them if I need too.IMG_3785

Finally, I’ve got my Fiesta ware, which I’ve wanted for years. It was a gift from my SWEET husband for Valentines Day. I had a blast picking out the colors, and they were on sale, too!

IMG_3753  Now I need glass front cabinets, wouldn’t you say so?


I am doing the decorating for my daughters reception. I will enlist the help of some friends and family, but I am so excited to make it a beautiful sight to add to her special day. My head is spinning with white and shades of pink,  pictures I’ve seen, flowers, and centerpieces. I have tons of ideas that I will then scale back into what’s ‘do-able’. Other things are coming together. We have the dress, the location, the photographer……but there’s still much to do.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Capture the Castle

I just finished reading a very sweet book called “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith.

captureMy sister recommended this book. She had read it recently and was probably attracted to it’s English setting (she’s moving to England soon herself) and the eccentric lives of the girls in the book. Having grown up in a creative and somewhat eccentric family ourselves, it’s a fun thing to read about because it reminds you of funny childhood memories.

The Narrative voice of the story, Cassandra, throws in lots of references to writers, especially Jane Austen- also a good way to win me over.

Her family is destitute and living in a ruin of a castle for which they are behind on the rent. The father was once a novelist and the stepmother was once a model. The story shares their adventures as the girls grow into adulthood.

One of the things that surprised me was how current the book seemed. It was written 1948 by the author best known for ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’, but so much of it reads like a tour through my favorite blogs…..

Girls talking to their dress form, and imagining what she would say back…..

dressmakers form from Giannetti Home Photo from Giannetti Home 

Dying clothes to give them new life…..

free-people-vintage-40s-hand-dyed-rayon-slip-dress Photo from Free People Vintage

Wildflowers growing up through an old iron bedstead…..bed outside Photo from Opening the Door, Walking Outside

And people trying to live a life with joy and art and creativity and writing.

Recently a movie adaptation was made, though I believe it is Rated R due to nudity (there’s a little sun worshipping and communing with nature going on in the book). The novel, however, is great for readers of all ages- and those like me with a high ‘blush factor’.

Another thing gained for me was that now I have christened my dress form ‘Miss Blossom’ after Rose and Cassandra’s confidant in the book. I have tried to think of other names for her, especially a name drawn from Austen, but could never find one that fit. I should have known she was more of a motherly counselor than a heroine herself.