Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Time to Craft

My head is full of plans for my daughters wedding so I haven’t had time to craft or paint (or blog much for that matter) lately. I’ve been feeling like I’m constantly behind when it comes to housework, and when I do have free time I feel too exhausted to even get out supplies.

I did put up a couple of things around the house. Do you want a peek inside?

One is the lovely tray I got at Pier One. It has a rose and a dragonfly. I won’t say I collect dragonflies, but my name ‘Lynnae’ is part of the scientific name for dragonflies, so if I see something cute with one on it I feel like it’s meant for me. This is in my kitchen over the door that goes into the dining room.IMG_3782

I bought these plate holders over a year ago at TaiPan Trading and they’ve just been sitting in a box. So I finally got some nails and put those up too, in the breakfast nook. The two smaller plates are also from Taipan. I do use these plates from time to time, but I like the display and will just take them down and wash and use them if I need too.IMG_3785

Finally, I’ve got my Fiesta ware, which I’ve wanted for years. It was a gift from my SWEET husband for Valentines Day. I had a blast picking out the colors, and they were on sale, too!

IMG_3753  Now I need glass front cabinets, wouldn’t you say so?


I am doing the decorating for my daughters reception. I will enlist the help of some friends and family, but I am so excited to make it a beautiful sight to add to her special day. My head is spinning with white and shades of pink,  pictures I’ve seen, flowers, and centerpieces. I have tons of ideas that I will then scale back into what’s ‘do-able’. Other things are coming together. We have the dress, the location, the photographer……but there’s still much to do.



  1. I'm sure the reception will look like a beautiful, soft fantasy.

  2. You must be very excited about your daughter's wedding.

    Love the tray - I used to have a collection of vintage Fiesta. I collected it for years. Eventually I sold it - but I did keep a few favorite pieces.


  3. The Dishes are so great! But that vignette in the breakfast nook has really come together. I love it. With the view I know you have of the lovely trees out back and I am ready to come sit t the table with a cup of cocoa as soon as possible!

  4. Is that new Fiesta ware hot pink? Or is it just the photo color? They look so yummy in your cupboard. I think you should definitely have glass put in those two doors. I've been thinking about taking the doors over my stove off and having the cabinet maker put in glass inserts. Wouldn't my cake plate collection look spectacular in there?
    I'm pricing jetted bath tubs right now, so the glass fronts may have to wait a bit. We had Harry out to give suggestions and talk about the plumbing he'll change. I'm pretty excited, but it will be a lot of work and more commotion than is comfortable. Plus he told me to get my sons and son-in-laws over to demo, etc. And I HATE to ask anyone to help with stuff like that.


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