Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ceremony Magazine

Since we’ve been planning my daughter’s wedding I have fallen in LOVE with Ceremony magazine. Page after page of gorgeous wedding decor, flowers, photography examples- Ahhhhh.

ceromony When you open most bridal magazines you see a lot of white. And I’m not talking about the dresses. There is just a lot of empty space and boring words. Fifteen pages of rings and another fifteen of dresses, a few bland cakes thrown into the mix.

The first time I flipped through Ceremony at the Barnes and Noble newsstand I was in awe. I may have bought it even if I wasn’t planning a wedding, because the colors and ideas are just lovely. And each page is packed. It’s a beautiful barrage of real southern California weddings, flowers, cakes, and locations in every style. I don’t live in California, and even if I did I couldn’t afford the expense of one of these weddings, but oh, the inspiration!

Affiliated with California Wedding Wave, there are San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange county versions, and for each place the magazine is out for the whole year (but the cover changes with the seasons, so don’t get tricked into buying one you already own).

If you love weddings, flowers, photography, even throwing parties, I’m sure there is something in this thick, beautiful magazine for you.



  1. I would also add that the magazine is double the amount of pages (or more) than a normal wedding magazine, but half the price.

  2. Thanks for the very kind post, Lynnae! We are so glad that it is a valuable resource for you! Hillary, I think agree that it is definitely a nice price point for all of the great stuff packed inside!!

    Best wishes for happy wedding planning for you and your daughter!!

  3. How exciting. Congrats on your Daughters engagement. What a special time for all of you.
    Looks like a great magazine and resource for weddings. I love wedding magazines, they are also filled with creative ideas for other things. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check it out.

  4. I agree, I was pretty much drooling over these pages when you showed it to me. I kind of want one for myself.

  5. Wow- I have been missing your blog. When my other computer died, I forgot a lot of places to visit. Eerything looks so exciting!! Enjoy your weekend.


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