Monday, September 21, 2009

Junkin’ Monday

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Junkin’ Monday is a chance to show off cool thrift store or garage sale finds. I get so many cool ideas from creative ladies out there in blogland, making things much cuter than you can find in stores, and at such a low price. It feels so wonderful to find cool things cheap, and to make old things look cool.

I do have to say that my dear sweet hubby, while he’s a wonderful man, hates old stuff. He Hates. Old. Stuff. So I try to restrain myself from going vintage shopping or over to the Goodwill too much.  But sweetie. Don’t be hatin’.

globeThis past week I went to Goodwill looking for a trench coat for my daughter’s spy costume. I ‘spied’ this AWESOME vintage globe. It’s about 3 1/2 feet high and has a cool turquoise color that didn’t come across too well in my picture. I knew it would look great in our family room. Alas, hubby kindly suggested it would be a neat thing to have in my craft studio. So there you go.


Thrift finds 2009-9

I always have to look through the frames, because I have paintings and frames are so expensive. A couple weeks ago I found this gorgeous chippy gold mirror over there for nine bucks. The thing is heavy. It too will look great in my studio. And if you read Somerset’s Belle Armoire you know why I hunted out a few vintage slips. I am dying to dye them!

Drop me a comment so Sweetie knows I’m not the only one in the world who likes these things.



  1. Oh no!! You are NOT the only one!!!! There is a lot of us out there that will wrestle you over those finds!! Thank you so much for playing with us today...come back often!!!
    Marcela & Clara

  2. Yes. I admit it. I hate. old. stuff.
    And buying slips at Goodwill is just gross. Someone could have died in it...or worse.
    And for the record, the globe has lots of countries that no longer exist - like the USSR and Yugoslavia. And I don't think it has nearly enough Congo's on it.

  3. I think old globes are awesome! My grandma has a REALLY old one in her basement with lots of outdated countries. I think it was made when the British still controlled Africa. It's got these lovely brown tones and I love the look of it. Hmm, maybe I'll hint to her that she could leave it to me in her will.
    Also, I always buy my frames at second hand stores. I've hand a couple of jobs in framing shops (one of them in Gardner Village actually, though they are no longer there.) and despite my appreciation for nice frames, I still think they are overpriced. At least for now. I've even entered art into art shows framed in frames I found at thrift stores.

  4. A woman after my own heart! What is it with these husbands that don't appreciate old and vintage treasures?!! I love globes, frames and slips too! I've dyed a whole bunch already - so much fun to do.

  5. i love your old slips...the old ones have all the pretty details...the mirror is lovely too!!!

  6. I check out all the thrift stores for frames. I have oodles of frames and paintings I am putting together.

  7. Did Dad make you put the atlas in your studio too? Because that thing is out of date like nobody's business!

  8. Well, at least you have your craft studio for your lovely finds! Even though I feel sorry for you your husbands post was funny. Does he never sleep in hotel beds?! Do you need another slip? I haven't seen Belle Armoire, what are they doing with the slips?

  9. Well, your husband sounds just like mine!! So glad we have each other to share our junk finds with.
    Happy day!!

  10. The fact that he suggested the craft room shows he understands what kind of cool place you are going to create, right? I LOVE the globe. I am having junk monday envy.

    I didn't buy any cool old stuff this week, but at the National Archives I bought cool stamps old school style. I LOVE them..even the pointing hand is in this set. Can't wait to add them to my crafts!

  11. I think your globe is a beautiful find! AND on my screen I think the turq looks lovely. I was actually looking for one at the flea market the other day.

  12. Love thrifting and antiquing---thanks for sharing your great finds! Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me some comment love!!

    I HAVE to get your site on my blog roll---so I can visit more regularly!

  13. @Tristan: Hey, maybe I can make you some sort of a special deal on that globe...but *shhhh* don't tell Lynnae.

  14. ohhh the frame is SO lovely.. for only 9 dollars? that is awesome! Can't wait to see your slips... haven't got the new issue yet but I DO Love the sound of it all.

    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, what a wonderful saying... and how TRUE!

    Heather ;)

  15. Hi Lynnae, What a lovely name. Now with the old stuff, I used to be like that when I was younger, but boy do things change. You can find so many super great things now, and I love it. My whole house wraps around finding things at yard sales to thrift stores. It's the best way to shop, besides you can tell your husband your saving money. Who doesn't want to save a buck!! Your finds are wonderful especially the frame.... just look at all the details. Now how could you pass that up.

    Have a Blessed Day-


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