Friday, September 4, 2009

Studio Thoughts


Remember the fabulous studio tour party that Karen over at My Desert Cottage put on in July? Or did you miss it?

A few family members were lamenting that they didn’t get to see all the studio pictures before the links were taken down. Today I turned on my laptop that I hadn’t used in a while and there they were! So if you are interested, I’ve put them in my post of July 25th, or just go to the labels on my sidebar there and click on ‘Where Bloggers Create’.

Hopefully I won’t be asked to take it down. Karen did such a wonderful job putting it all together, and maybe now with school in some of you will have more of a chance to look at them.

IMG_0385Today I moved my laptop into my soon to be studio. As you can see, it’s a blank slate. But here’s my dilemma. I love the studios full of whites, creamy neutrals, dark woods and occasional black accents. They are gorgeous and soothing. Yet when I see a studio with color, especially teal, turquoise, or royal blue, and some bright red accents and pinks thrown in, my heart skips a beat. I see myself in those rooms.

IMG_0384Soooooo, Do I strive for the calm poised artist I hope to be, and create a blissful sanctuary? Or do I fly with the color and go crazy, like I really want to?

That’s the dilemma.

Then there’s another thing. Some people say the things you love will naturally go well together. Do I put that to the test or create a more controlled environment?   Feel free to chime in! IMG_0386 



  1. I say you go with what you love and will make you happy. Your creative juices will start flowing!

  2. I'm excited to see what you do with it. That shoebox full of stuff on the dresser is stuff I found in my room that doesn't really belong to me, so feel free to put it away for me (or let little kids play with it). :D

  3. I would go for the color in spot where you could change it if you don't care for it.

  4. Color rocks! Do the color thing - you'll love it. Here's my new office:

    It's so warm and inviting. I'd rather be there than anywhere else.



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