Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a Sweet Thing

I still have more from my trip to post.

And I’ve been planning and dreaming of my own little studio room.

But I just have to say….

talkingheads_littleLast night Jon and I sent the kids to get ready for bed and we played a little Rock Band. He graciously downloaded the new Talking Heads songs that I kinda knew (read- know every word backwards and forwards) even though he’s not that into Talking Heads. Finally we have something besides ‘Psycho Killer’ (or Lobster Killer…after seeing Julie and Julia…You know you were hoping I’d sing it that way).

My loyal readers may not be all that into Talking Heads either, but I just thought it was sweet. You have to goof off a little now and then even if your teenagers come down and look at you like you are aliens….  Especially me, since I was singing in a David Byrne meets church choir soprano style……IMG_0218

We are coming up on our 22nd Anniversary.

‘Letting the days go by…water flowing underground……..’


  1. Go going gal. Let us know which day.

  2. You guys look amazing! Much to young and cool looking to have a daughter who's a sophomore in college and another who's a senior in high school. You both ROCK!

  3. I'm actually a rather big fan of the talking heads. Also, The Cars. I wonder if my friend who has Rock Band could get some of those songs for me, I have a hard time singing some of the ones that come with the came.
    Great picture BTW!


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