Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anastasia’s Attic


Anastasia’s Attic was the highlight of our Saturday shopping spree. OK, it may have been more of a looking spree. Traveling home by plane has its benefits on the pocketbook. But I did manage to acquire a few objects small enough for my carry on.



The front porch of Anastasia’s Attic, displaying Halloween wares.

This lovely shop can be found in Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah. The situation is ideal- a collection of tiny cottages once built by a polygamist to house his various families. The quaint homes and mill have been refurbished and now house a collection of charming shops.


Anastasia’s Attic is full of romantic home furnishings and lovely gift items. I went with my mother and daughter and this was our favorite stop on the trip.


Left, with my mother.   Right, My daughter Hillary.


As we entered we met the lovely store proprietor, Tara Starling. She greeted us warmly and gave us each a star of fairy dust on our cheek. She even paused for a photo with me.


I am on the left, with shop owner Tara Starling on right.

The shop was a feast for the eyes. Honestly, when I entered I just had to stand still for a moment and look around. I was so excited!


While I loved all the soft pastels and romance, the jewel tones of this front room really spoke to me. Look at all the treasures!

Next time you are in Utah, Anastasia’s Attic is certainly a must visit!


  1. That was such a cool store and a fun shopping day as a whole.

  2. These are great photos of a beautiful shop, and I loved your sparkly star!

    Do you think my family would think it ws weird if I bought the 'Boys Have Cooties' sign?

  3. That'd be funny.
    It might be demoralizing for the little fellas. I however, should hang it on each of my girl's dressers as a constant reminder.

  4. A feast for the eyes is an understatement! Wow girl, this is gorgeous!
    I love the sign "Boys have cooties"!!! too cute!
    I could have spent hours in there! (& lots of money too)
    I love hearing about your trip and love your photos too!!!
    everything vintage

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! That was such a great shopping/looking trip day. Did you email Tara so she can see all the wonderful things you wrote about her shop? I love the fairy stars and wish I could give them to my students and make a fairy costume for Halloween. Oh WAIT! I already have 2 fairy costumes. The tooth fairy--whose full wedding dress slip has been taken by some loving kin, and a flower fairy--whose sequined top has been made into a child's costume. Maybe I could combine the two and be a topless drape-skirted fairy. I shudder to envision THAT result!


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