Thursday, September 24, 2009

It’s Meant To Be

I just won a prize from Kristina over at her funny, wild and crazy Pulsipher Predilections blog- which is especially exciting because she has about a billion followers and comments every time. So Yay me!!!

But I told you It was meant to be. The prize I won was new book Memoirs of a Gaijin, by Erin Peters. Which I know I will love because I have been a Gaijin……I lived in Japan for a year!

Lynnae in Japan 1987

And here’s a little something for Kristina………

japan bumpit

japan bumpit 2 

Yes, now ‘You can act like Diva!!!!!’ with a bumpit from Japan!

Thanks again,



  1. Lynnae, this is awesome! I had no idea that you had a connection with this book. I am so glad that I paired you with it. I tried to pair people with something I thought they would use.

    I didn't want to give the temple calendars to non-members, etc.

    Now you just need to email me and I will pass it along to Erin!

    Oh, and love the Japanese Bumpit.

  2. Wait, how did I not know that Hillary is your daughter?!?!

    I have a lot of people from the same families that read my blog, but more often than not, they don't tell me how they found me, so I have no idea they are related.

  3. Oh! Yup, she's mine!
    I'm so excited I won!

  4. Lynnae -

    This is Erin Peters. SOOOO glad you won my book. I'm starting to think that you have to have lived in Japan to really apprecite it. HOpefully you do! It's pretty tongue in cheek.

    Where in Japan did you live??

  5. My hubby was stationed at Yokota Airbase back then. We lived in Mizuho and I taught English at a little school outside of Tachikawa. We were about a half hour from Tokyo (assuming you knew how to drive anywhere).

  6. Hello
    Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.
    Wow you have a family thing going on in the blogging world...that is great. Mine are all on facebook - which is fine but not as fun in my opinion

  7. Yay! Fun bloggers sharing the love.... I love the photo of you from your Japanese days! You were so cool...(still are, BTW)

    Anyway.... I am so glad I have a Bumpit. I am telling people it is a Japanese Fashion Trend from now on.


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