Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poco a Poco Se Va Lejos- Read on.


So what’s going on over here??? I’ve been working on a few things but I’ve decided not to post pictures of those projects till I’m done. Because the mirror I posted on over a month ago is nearing completion but all of you have forgotten about it by now, and/or think I’VE forgotten about it  :)

It just takes time. I’m not a TV show where you have ten people behind the scenes making it look like a project was done in one afternoon. I’m sure most of you know how this is, and sometimes get discouraged that your own projects can’t be done that fast. But many of us have lives, busy ones, where decorating is not a career, but something you squeeze into a few stolen moments here and there. That’s OK! One of the FEW things I remember from high school Spanish was the phrase ‘Poco a poco se va lejos.’ (I hope I remembered that correctly) it means little by little you go far, and that’s a principle I base my life on because it’s so discouraging sometimes to measure myself up against the finished work I see from other people.

One bit of news. My daughter is going back to college and her room is to become my studio. Once again, I wish I could transform it overnight to a dream space from “Where Women Create”, but not having a Trading Spaces size crew (or budget) it will go slow. But I do intend to share its transformation with you one step at a time. Be warned, it still needs to be used by her when she comes home, and as our guest room, so I can’t get too crazy. But I am excited to have a room of my own to do with what I choose!

Egypt 'Lynnae dreamer' Charm

In the meantime, here’s a look at the soldered charm I made when my mom was visiting.

The front is an Egyptian picture from Karen at The Graphics Fairy. She finds such lovely pieces to share with us. Mom and I had such a fun time brainstorming ideas at the computer screen as we looked at image after image on the sidebar of her blog. Please visit, and better yet, follow, her site. I altered the ephemera a bit. On the bottom I wrote ‘dreamer’ and on the top I wrote my name, Lynnae. I also used digital image pro to make the woman’s top cover her…um…. top. Because that’s how I roll.

I wish it would have scanned it better, I guess glass charms do better with a photo. Oh well, next time. The back is a rub on embellishment over some K and Company scrapbook paper.

Until next time…sneak a little art into your day!


  1. Hi Lynnae,
    It's gorgeous!! What a beautiful job you did, I love how you utilized the label spaces for your own wording. And too funny, that you dressed her a bit more modestly, I would have done the same thing! The back is gorgeous too, I'm sure you'll get loads of compliments on it every time you wear it!!
    P.S. Thanks so much for giving me credit in your post, you such a kind and lovely person!

  2. I love your charms! They are gorgeous!

  3. Nice you and your mom could work on it. I know what you mean about finishing projects. I am trying to do a quilt and trying is the operative word. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Girl, I say ROLL on at your own pace...I'll follow you no matter how slow/fast you go! ;)
    Your charms are too pretty! Love the personal touch, it's such a keepsake.
    I totally understand how you feel when I read some of these blogs and wonder if these women just have fun and create all day...do they have a REAL life? I'm totally NOT one of them as I have a family and a job...everything else is just for fun WHEN I have the time for it!
    I can't wait to see your "new" room! I'm sure it will be a cozy little retreat for you to create and also a little nest for when your daughter comes back home to visit.
    Take your time and keep us posted along the way!
    everything vintage

  5. The charm looks so good. I'm finishing up my second one now and hope once the hub-bub of back to school is over I can really have a go.
    I miss putting up new blog posts, too.
    I left for school a little after 7:00 this morning and left it at 7:00 PM to fill my purchase order at Walmart for students' desk totes and snacks for those poor little kids who only went to Kindergarten for 2 1/2 hours last year. First grade is sooooo hard for them!

  6. just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have. Your pictures are stunning and I've really enjoyed having a nose around. Thank you and best wishes !

  7. Love your blog. Really love the solder charms you made. I have all the stuff to make them but, I am a little scared.. So fun you were able to do that with your mom. How fun to have your own space. I am sure it will be wonderful.
    I will be back to visit.

  8. Caleen, Dive right in with the charms. It's so fun, and pretty easy to correct mistakes once you get the hang of it. If all else fails, the collective materials are pretty cheap so just start over. I love soldering now!

  9. The charms look great. I haven't made one in so long! I miss it....now that school is in I will find some time!

    Okay, here ismy advice for your studio. I read Tim Gunn (the fashion guy) say a woman should never buy any piece of clothing she does not just fall in love with. I have also decided to apply it to my house. I am not longer buying anything unless I get that visceral response and fluttering heart over it. Yea...it may take longer to fill your studio...but imagine if you love everything in it!

    Ohhh- I have some old school desks we were going to sell at a yard sale. You could totally use one in your studio amd take it home when you bring your girl down. Let me know what you think!!!!

  10. Whatever your pace is, you are doing great! Love your work... I will have to remember that saying because I think it rings true on most of us.

  11. Hi Lynnae,
    Thanks so much for participating today in "Brag Monday"!! I'm so glad I got a chance to see your beautiful pendant again!

  12. Cute pendants. I love making stained glass jewelry. I love how you used those images.


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