Friday, August 7, 2009

Thinking of Persuasion....

Anne Elliot's Birthday Party approaches.

I have been so busy with my mom here this week that like most birthday parties it will be a bit of the rush to be ready. Please read THIS POST if you don't know about the party, and comment on that post if you want to participate. I know it's soon now.

I've made some cute soldered charms with Mom, plus I helped her make a new header for her blog My Way using some of her mixed media artwork, and showed her how to add gadgets to her sidebar. But we've also been running around a lot so I still have to finish my project for Anne......


  1. Gonna watch the movies for the 100 time this week.

  2. SOunds like a lot of fun times over there....
    have fun being busy and crafty w/ mom!


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