Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who I Am

I saw this blog Link-Up party for Funky Junk over on my sister’s page and had to join in.

Who I Am

IMG_1147_Vga I am a mother, wife, and creative spirit from a creative family heritage. I am a passionate Christian, a conservative, a hard core Janeite, love music and choir, and even other Mormons think I’m ‘churchy’ (and I suppose their right), but I have a fun side as well, and maybe even a (secret) wicked streak, as one of my favorite things is to watch the local news and mock it. I love to smile at my husband’s jokes.Jon and Lynnae 3-2010

My world revolves around my children. Christmas Eve girls 2009 

  I love skirts, dresses, Barbie dolls, and cute, girly stuff!

PICT0268swirly skirts

 Where I live

PICT0273I live in a mountain town outside of Seattle. The natural beauty just envelopes me……whenever the clouds part long enough to see it! This is my neighborhood in the Fall.

IMG_1438 This is the view from my bedroom window, in the early spring.

What I love about my home

PICT0206 Before building this house, the longest our family had been in a home was three years. We’ve been here for ten. This is our house.

house interior not done  This is our house in the framing stages. I traced the girls hands near the front door and we signed our names before the drywall went up. Oh! This little one is all grown up and at college now!

PICT0086I love filling up my house with a big crowd of family.

My favorite roomBedroom mothers day[2]

My favorite room is my bedroom. It’s not the fanciest room in the house, or even the cleanest and most organized. But it is my retreat and sanctuary. When I don’t feel well it comforts me. The curtains need to be replaced, but they are gauzy and airy and romantic. The headboard doesn’t fit our new king sized bed, but nothing in a store makes me smile like those shiny black dragons. The dark aqua paint treatment took me DAYS! But I wish my whole house was as colorful and romantic and rich.

What I like to DIY

Grandma's book blurred 3 photo

Journaling, scrapbooking and family history



Decorating and painting



Throwing a yearly Jane Austen party


PICT0035croppedtwice (Small)   Designing and sewing an occasional Jane Austen dress.

tokyo painting

Oil Painting 


And other little crafts.

I wish I knew how to

sew better (and like it)

play the guitar or piano (as long as I’m wishing)

take the time to be a REAL artist, not just an occasional dabbler

be relaxed and organized (again, as long as I’m wishing)

Why I love to blog

(back to the journaling and history….)

I love the record it creates….a colorful, visual record that words in a journal alone can’t describe. I love that it lets me put my accomplishments out there, and put my best self forward, and keep all the parts that are dorky, sloppy, and complete failures to myself.

Unless I choose to share, and then there is a chorus of friendly, supporting voices of family, friends, mothers, fellow crafters, artists and literary fans, and other kind people there to offer support and sympathy.

Thanks friends!


P.S. Since I wrote this post this morning, my college daughters have linked up too! FUN!

Please visit Paisley Muffin: My Life, My Blog and An Inventory of Shiny, Adorable, and Colorful Things.

Signed, Proud Mom.


  1. Thanks for joining in the party, Lynnae! LOVE your painting! Wow. So nice to meet you!


  2. I like that picture of Mt Si in the fall.

  3. I loved getting to know you! You have a great house too.

  4. Lynnae, you are just so awesome. And I LOVE your dragon headboard!!

  5. YOur post makes me cry. You are just way too awesome and I love your things!

  6. Just love to come and visit and read your blog :)

  7. You do have creative talent. I would love for you to be able to paint more as well.
    I also love that you have the whole family linking up.

  8. Oh, to come here right after conference and see this beautiful post has left me all teary-eyed. Your sweet creativity just shines through out your home, in your family, in your crafts and beautiful art. Thanks for sharing all this amazing talent.

  9. What a fun post - it's nice to learn all about you. :) Thanks so much for weighing in on my burning question last week. I really appreciate it.

  10. Lynnae, are you SURE you're an INFJ? You seem so extraverted! I came to your blog by way of your comment at Jane Austen's World. I did a couple of food posts there. It's a fabulous blog, and so is yours!


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