Friday, September 10, 2010

Cake Stands

mini cake stand 2

Last month when my mom came to visit, she brought me a gift of a lovely white cake stand.  Thank You Mom!

IMG_2747A few days later we went on a little treasure hunt at Goodwill, and mom had gathered up a bunch of candlesticks and dessert plates. She said she was going to epoxy them together to make mini cake stands. So of course I had to get in on the action and find some things too.

IMG_2750 Here’s my loot from Goodwill

Today I finally put them together. I used a regular epoxy that my husband had around for the tall white stand, but it was gray, and I realized I needed a clear glue for the glass plate. Once I found something I got them all together. I hadn’t really thought about how the glass plate would look with the glue. You can see it pressed against the plate in the center.

IMG_2754 But I like it so much I don’t care. When I use it for a little party a pretty doily will cover that up nicely.

Once I assembled the cake stands all there was left to do was make some cupcakes (one can’t really photograph naked cake stands now, can we?).

mini cake stand 3 mini cake stand

For these treats I used Krusteaz brand Fat Free Cranberry Orange muffin mix, then I added orange zest and Neufchatel cheese* to white frosting that I had on hand. YUM!

I don’t like the cupcake papers, but I was trying to used what I had on hand. I thought of peeling them all, but then I wouldn’t be able to give them away, and would have to eat them all. Even I won’t go quite that far for a blog post.

Speaking of blog post…. I’ve had a weird allergy all day today, and finally took some medicine, so this post has been a race against time. So I will hit ‘publish’, sign off, and hopefully nothing is amiss.

Tomorrow, among other things, I’ll be in Tacoma for a two hour Zumba class. The ‘Party in Pink’ is raising money for Susan G. Komen foundation. I also have a great Goodwill find from yesterday that I need to show you.

* I use Neufchatel cheese in place of regular cream cheese for everything. It is lower in fat than reg. cream cheese but tastes wonderful.


  1. Mom made cake stands for our cake themed book club, they were all so adorable! We ate so much cake I wanted to cry.

  2. I loved making the little cake plates for bookclub favors...we had finished Jeanne Ray's book, Eat Cake. The epoxy E-6000 dries clear.
    I followed the directions and sanded the plate and candlestick where they would be joined.
    Your recipe sounds delicious...I'll have to try it !

  3. I'll have to get that type of Epoxy if I do more.


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