Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dorothy Tag Swap

I recently made some Dorothy and ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired tags for Karla Nathan’s Dorothy tag swap. You’ve seen the button on the side of my blog. Now normally I would keep my tags a surprise, but since Karla has asked us to post pictures on Flickr I thought I could go ahead and share them with you also.

Tag back This is the tag back.

I had to scan these because the computer wasn't reading the memory card.....

My inspiration was Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz. The sepia toned back represents the beginning of the movie, and the front of the card represents the colorful land of Oz.

Tag front

Don’t we all at some point wish we could get away, as Dorothy says, ‘behind the moon, beyond the rain’….to a place where there isn’t any trouble?



  1. I am sure the computer can still read the memory card. Maybe the dialog box just didn't pop up? Did Dad take a look?

    I love the sepia back and colorful front. ADORABLE. You are so crafty!

  2. That looks great! I wish I had time to do more stuff like this! I guess I'll have to wait until Valentines day again.

  3. It is broken. First it was just picky and then it out and out quit, and Dad was showing me how easy it was to get it to work and he couldn't do it either. He did point out that I could do it on my laptop, but I was already working on the desk computer and didn't want to hassle with moving.
    Thanks for the compliment though, I'm happy that you like it.
    I want to do a Christmas tag swap.

  4. Lynnae they are so gorgeous! I am going to put a photo up of mine, too. Give me a day or two!

    I love how you included both sides. I only really decorated one, but seeing your makes me resolve to do more next time!

    I knew I shoulda joined in on the tag swap!

  6. Hi, Lynne! I received that very tag you posted in my tag book from Karla's swap! I just loved doing this -- and that you chose the balloon for your theme. I'm hoping to get photos of my book posted sometime by the middle or end of next week -- so behind. Just wanted to say thanks!


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