Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Thrift Store Finds

IMG_2828Today I was out shopping the thrift stores looking for a dress for my daughter’s Halloween costume. Once I had a good dress in hand, I had to do a little searching for myself.

I found two small Battenberg style tablecloths, perfect for my next Jane Austen party, $3.99 each. IMG_2821And then…..and then I saw this lovely beaded scarf, excellent embroidery, excellent color, oh…… from the moment I saw it a regency ball gown developed in my head with this beadwork gracefully flowing down. IMG_2825

IMG_2827Not like anything I had planned to make for this year, so whether I can make it into something in time for this year’s ball I don’t know, but it will be made at some point. The scarf is long, about 8 feet, and a lovely ecru color.

The cost for this piece of loveliness? $4.99.  Score!



  1. That is so pretty! I think it will be perfect for the Austen Ball! What a fantastic inspiration piece.

  2. Yay! I love thrift store finds and I nearly always start there when making costumes for Halloween. The scarf is so lovely! What a great find!


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