Sunday, October 17, 2010

From Aprons To Austen to Ruby Slippers

IMG_2886 Yesterday I taught an apron class for our Super Saturday at church. I’ve been so stressed about this class. Sometimes even if Something is not a lot of work I still will get stressed out about it, it’s just my way. And in the end things went OK,  but I do have to say that making your own pattern and instructions is pretty hard work.

IMG_2891  I made my daughters ruffled aprons in 2008 after making up a pattern and modifying it a little for each girl. Yesterday I was teaching one of those aprons but I had to make actual paper patterns, which I never had when I made mine.

IMG_2892 So that has been occupying my thoughts and what free time I have.

I did take apart one of the old clocks I bought at Bad Girls Antiques going out of business sale (sad!)

IMG_2867 IMG_2877

And my daughter and I put up some Halloween decorations.

IMG_2881 IMG_2884


One cool thing about last week….I got the tags back from Karla Nathan’s Dorothy Tag Swap.

IMG_2893 This was such a fun project. Thanks again to Karla for all her work. And it was a LOT of work.

IMG_2899 Here are six tags from the swap plus one of mine and the one Karla Nathan made for everyone.

IMG_2900 Being in a tag swap is wonderful. It’s like an art project and a birthday surprise all in one! I’ve done a couple swaps from blogs, and convinced the ladies in my family to do a Valentines Day swap last year. I would love to host my own internet tag swap, but I’m afraid I’m not that organized yet.

And now for Austentime………. 11 more days until my Jane Austen weekend with my Mom. I am so excited- but there is so much to do. I will keep you posted!

IMG_2885 Thanks for stopping by!



  1. You are really so talented. Your ward is lucky to have you!

  2. That is sad that Bad Girls went out of business. I liked those old magazines you got there.

  3. This has nothing to do with the topic of your blog, but I just wanted to say how much I love the colours of your house. Those greys and whites, beautiful!

  4. Lynnae, thank you so much for teaching us the art of apron making! Even those of us who are domestically disabled had a great time. I'm looking forward to finishing mine up today. Here's to hoping I don't break yet another sewing machine ;-)

  5. I have not posted my tags yet. My camera died the day they came, and then life got busy and I forgot that I need to get them on here! I love catching up on your blog. Everything is beautiful!

  6. What a cute Apron! I love your Halloween decorations too! Especially the wreath. And I feel you on the whole making your own pattern thing. I just made three out of four Halloween costumes without the use of a pattern. I could have made one, but I just didn't want to. For some reason that seemed like it would be extra work and stress. I actually used to get super stressed whenever I sewed anything. However, I noticed this year that I think I have calmed down. I mean, I still feel stressed, but I felt noticeably less stressed this October as compared to Octobers of the past. Maybe it is because I've been sewing so much more that I'm finally getting used to it? Who knows.

  7. Thanks again for being a part of the swap!


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