Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two more days.

IMG_2941 Jon got up to get Jordan off to school, even though it was my day. He is so sweet. I was able to get a good sleep, wake up at a decent time, and sew. I’ve been working not only on my ball dress but Jordan’s Masquerade Ball gown inspired Halloween costume. I hope to have that finished today.

IMG_2943So into my studio again, more fabric everywhere, to sew. I started by logging on to the Dear Lizzie blog for her playlist. I just left it in an open window to play while I sew. Even though I have some of those CD’s I like the mix and it’s cool studio music, quick and easy.

It’s also laundry day, so I have put through a couple loads. Now it’s time for Lunch, then I’m going to Visiting Teaching, and then back for more sewing. My trip is gong to be a real vacation after this busy week!

Later today I hope to post Jordan’s cool Mask were making.



  1. Aw that looks fun. Lately I've been wanting to make a fancy costume dress as well as some other cute dresses for church.

  2. And all in your own studio. Jealous.
    Have fun this weekend!

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of both the Halloween costume as well as your gown and pictures from your adventure!


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