Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fashionista Shout Out

Cardigan-Empire  Ladies, if you have never been to Reachel Bagley’s Blog,
 Cardigan Empire, go pay a quick visit. She gives great examples Reachel-Bagley-Personal-Stylist1of styles to fit your personal figure, do’s and don’ts, great links to outfits, and more. And she does it all with sweetness and charm, including answering reader questions and offering a style booklet for your own body type. Check it out!



  1. That video was really helpful. I always wondered why button up shirts look so good on other people and kind of odd on me. I thought the petite video was good too, but I also thought it was funny how she kept calling everything cute and little.

  2. I haven't watched the video yet, but if I can look one step closer to her cuteness I am THERE. Looks fun

  3. She has really great style. I love these sites you find!

  4. Hi there -- SO glad you visited my blog, so I could find your lovely blog! xoxo

  5. Oh man! I thought this was about a fashonista "shoot out", not "shout out".
    I was really looking forward to seeing some nattily dressed waifs bustin' a cap on each other.


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