Monday, October 19, 2009

Special Days

 IMG_0617 Here we are with our sweet little second daughter, all ready for the homecoming dance.

IMG_0603 Her friends mom invited parents to come in for appetizers when we brought the kids while waiting for the limo. As luck would have it, when we got there her power was out. She was a wonderful hostess, serving the appetizers that didn’t need to be cooked. Her home was lit with dozens of candles everywhere and there were darling Halloween decorations out. I hope I can always be as good at handling the unexpected! To top it all off, the limo was late. We stayed long enough to make sure the kids had a ride, but I think they were glad to get on their way and ditch the parents!


It stopped raining long enough to take some photos (about 100) with the backdrop of fall foliage.


  1. She looks beautiful while still being modest.

  2. What a beautiful girl to go with the beautiful dress. Beautiful mom too! :)

  3. Your daughter looks beautiful! And how fun to have a Limo - I bet they all had a great night :D

    That mom sounded really on the ball with appetizers and photo ops - How cool!


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