Friday, October 16, 2009

Of Hemlines and Timelines


12:45 pm- I am supposed to be making a few alterations to my daughters homecoming dress… ‘bring it up to code’. Whether that’s Mormon code or Mommy approved code, it’s one in the same. I’ve been looking forward to it but now I find I keep stalling.  Every other household project I put off starts to suddenly seem more attractive. That’s me stalling. Sew the darn dress!

   I am definitely not a seamstress, but my little projects and alterations usually turn out pretty good. But who knows, maybe this will be the day I fail miserably.


1:15 pm-  The mom of another one of the double-daters just called all excited to chat about the get together time, which will be an amateur photo shoot for all the moms to fawn over our little darlings. I am so excited- and delighted she is doing this at her house because while I can be very enthusiastic, the thought of organizing and hosting events usually makes me get anxious and cry.

1:50 Daughter and I just got back from ordering the boutonniere. I also just realized that her skirt has black netting and I bought black tulle. So it’s time for a run ‘down the hill’ to JoAnn’s, which is actually a 35 minute commute.

Better get moving!

8:25 pm- UPDATE…I’m finished! Here’s a peek.


I added a little length with the black at the bottom, and an overlay of the netting so it matched what was already there. Even with the jacket the neckline was a bit low, so we found a black camisole that looks great, however I decided to add some black interfacing to the lace in front so it’s not so see through ( I slipped a paper in there so you could see it against the black of the jacket). I think it all goes great with the style of the dress. Now I just get to fret about doing her hair tomorrow.



  1. That is a gorgeous dress! What a fun project...once you get started!

  2. Beautiful dress!!!
    When's the dance?
    Just promise yourself you won't be sewing it on her as her date is waiting at the door.

  3. Cute! I can't wait to see pictures of her with her date.

  4. What a stunning gown! Im a sucker for tulle and am constantly making tutus for my little girl! She is only 6 but when I showed her your pic she said "Mummy why dont we have homecoming thingys"? We are in the uk! We are now in the process of making a "grown up" gown for halloween!
    Well done you on your super transformation!

  5. Gorgeous! I love it. What a lucky girl.

  6. That dress is Gorgeous! I really love the color and the jacket is the perfect touch. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  7. The dress is so amazing! You did a great job.... But I am kind of relieved I will never have to do that! Rent a tux....we are done! of the BIG NIGHT!

  8. Wow! My oldest daughter would flip over that dress!! It is gorgeous!! I hope you post a pic of your daughter at Homecoming. What a great mom you are - this is amazing!!

    I also came over to say "Hi" - I saw that you visited my blog - I'll be back!! Have a happy Sunday!


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