Monday, October 12, 2009

Thrift Store Find

I decided to join up with Junkin’ Monday today because I have the most awesome find. My Halloween costume.


Usually I don’t dress up much because I’m pretty busy trying to round up stuff for the kids. My husband will either wear a gross clown wig or put one of those nails with fake blood on his face (or both). But a while back he commented (teased) about how I like to get dressed up in dresses. This got me thinking……why not IMG_0581do it for Halloween? So I went about trying to find the perfect flouncy poofy skirt that I could put some tight princess like bodice with to create the ultimate girly costume- a Princess Angel Fairy.


Once I decided I wanted a poofy slip the thrift stores where I usually hunt for costume supplies had none to be found.

And then last week I was across town and happened to check the Goodwill, and I found it! My dream Princess Angel Fairy dress. And it fit. And it was el Cheapo!


I can’t wait to put the whole thing together. I can’t wait to answer the door to trick-or-treaters in it! Fun!


  1. love the dress!!! your costume is adorable:)

  2. Wow that is gorgeous!
    You are going to have so much fun.
    I gotta start putting my costume together. I have decided, if I'm not at a party - the answering the door for trick or treaters should be my own party. CAN'T WAIT!!

  3. This will be even better than the year when you dressed as Jane Austen.
    You know, when a trick-or-treater asked who you were supposed to be and you said "Jane Austen" and he just shrugged and walked away and said to his friend, "I didn't ask what her real name was."

  4. That's a great dress! Do the wings bug Missy?

  5. Now, how lucky are you???? That is the most beautiful "costume"!! So beautiful and magical!
    Thank you so much for playing with us today, we hope you'll come back next Monday!
    M & C

  6. Missy hasn't been in the room with them so I don't know yet.

  7. Oh Lynnae! This is GORGEOUS!!!! Hubby will surely love this!
    All of the little trick or treat princesses will want to be just like you when they grow up!
    I love sure and take some photos of you dressed up!!!!
    everything vintage

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  9. When I first saw it on the dress form when I went into the secret purchase storage room to borrow a chair, I was like, "Holy crap, what is this woman up to now?!"
    Then I saw the price tag and changed to, "WOW! That is an amazing dress!" :-)

    This will look awesome alongside my bloody clown wig or whatever.

  10. I can not say how jealous I am! I am so jealous.

    I just found out we are doing our family party on Friday and I am sitting here clueless! This dress is ammmmaaaazing!
    I can't wait to see it on.
    Don't forget the glittery body lotion and make-up....once I had white skin for Halloween, I sprayed the colored hairspray on,. it looked really cool. Just a little tip....

  11. Wow!!! Wow!! That is Gorgeous! You're going to look just dreamy in that. Have your hubby take a pic so you can show us!


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