Friday, October 2, 2009

Off To See Wicked

IMG_0523w editYesterday my husband took me to the Paramount in Seattle to see ‘Wicked’. I had wanted to go so so so so bad- and he got tickets as an early anniversary present- about a month early, so we’ve been joking that it’s our Canadian Anniversary (you know how they celebrate Thanksgiving over a month before we do?)


Here are a couple more pictures from our day outIMG_0539

IMG_0525I also couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the lovely and historic Paramount Theater. I’ve been there once before but without a camera, so my sweetie smiled indulgently while I ran around taking pictures like a goof. But I had a blast. I hope you like them. 


Isn’t that chandelier dreamy?


IMG_0531 Paramount outside

I even thought the drinking fountain was adorable!


- Lynnae


  1. I saw Wicked in NYC and it was a lot of fun! Glad you got to go!

  2. So fun!
    When I took pics inside I got a talkin' to. They said they're not aloud. So that's awesome no one saw you.
    And I'm glad you got a pic of the outside. Did they do their little shpeel about changing the Paramount sign? I was bummed out to hear they're going green too.

  3. i mean allowed. how funny that I wrote aloud. I wonder what that means.

  4. Very pretty pictures! What a wonderful surprise! Have a happy anniversary (in about a month)!!! Blessings!
    PS ~ I love swirly skirts too!

  5. The worker guy didn't care if we took pictures of the theater as long as we didn't take any of the stage area.
    Also, what Lynnae doesn't mention is that she also listened to the sound track on the way to the show. So we were good and Wicked-ed up by the time we got there.
    But more importantly, whazzup with that picture of me? I look like I was just released from a prison camp or a Twilight Zone episode.

  6. Maybe you sent a robot in your place so you wouldn't have to go. That's why you were so complying with listening to the soundtrack.

  7. Thank you for taking us along in the Paramount! I've never been's beautiful! Actually, I really REALLY wish you would have brought your video camera and filmed Wicked too as I'll never get to see it...haha Just Kidding girl!
    Hope you and hubby had a great night out~
    everything vintage

  8. You are so adorable! I love your choice of attire for the event!


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