Monday, October 12, 2009

Baroness von Puur Chocolade Hagelslag


“There’s a surprise downstairs”.

Usually when my husband says that I am less than thrilled. It often means either he’s got me some kind of weird gag gift he knows I’ll hate (Obama mints?) Or he wants me to see some programming work he’s done and I can’t possibly grasp how amazingly cool it is or how much time it took to come up with those eight lines of code.

Soooo, Saturday  he informed me there was a surprise downstairs.

And guess what? There was Chocolate! NOW were talkin’!

You see a couple years ago he went to Amsterdam, and upon returning he informed me that what I previously thought of as a country with a confusing name (or names) was actually a land where people dump chocolate flakes all over their morning toast. How did I not know that? How could my intuition not tell me that there was such a country on this earth?

Recently he wanted to order another box of chocolate sprinkles- which are nothing like chocolate sprinkles in America that are brown but just taste blah. These babies are packing some serious cocoa! He found however, that they wouldn’t ship unless he ordered a bunch. Yessssssssss!


Do you see that? Do you see the chocolate on the toast? That’s the Suggested Serving, folks.

You have to obey that.

Here we see Extra Dark chocolate sprinkles, Dark Chocolate flakes, Milk chocolate flakes, Regular dark Chocolate Sprinkles, Two Boxes of Milk chocolate sprinkles, and a bag of chocolate Euros.

And their all MINE!!!!! (except for a box that will be making it’s way to a very special college girl in the near future).

My advice- don’t tell anyone you have it.


  1. Hopefully when the box makes its way to the college student in question it will still have chocolate in it.
    And at the rate things are going, investing in Dutch chocolate is probably worth way more than the dollars I bought it with.

  2. Oh my gosh.
    Short story: I was working on my Christmas/Birthday list this weekend (as I always do in October) and this was one of the first things I put on!
    Now you won't all have to use that box that can't be closed (unless that one ran out).

  3. Also Mom, you have to admit, that one time where Dad showed us the thing he made a long time ago for a company (the website with the office) was really cool!

  4. Yes, there have been some great surprises- Like the Wicked tickets and the time he bought a suit without telling me and I always wanted him to get one. The when I was making dinner he just walked in wearing the suit. That was fun.

  5. That's a breakfast of champions! That or nutella... mmm. I grew up on that stuff. Nummy. I find the flakes at Fabric Depot in SE Portland-the store owners are from Holland and they bring stuff like tht back to their store to sell.

  6. Wow. Next time I need some (need? haha) I will go there instead of mail order. It was pricey and we had to get a bunch.
    The flakes are the best!!!!!!


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