Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween Brag Pictures

Here are a few shots of our creations this Halloween.  IMG_0674_VgaHere I am with two of my daughters.

Hillary Lady Gaga  This is my daughter who is away at college. She is dressed as pop star Lady Gaga. You can see more about her Halloween here.

IMG_0677_VgaThis is my second daughter. I made her the cute little poodle skirt. She loved it, which I love. She was wearing it to work and got dressed two hours early. And even though she had to work, she was listed on scavenger hunts for two different parties, so friends kept running in to take a picture with her or give her candy. Doesn’t that sound fun?

IMG_0681_VgaThis is my youngest. She was a Secret Agent. We found a great little trench coat at a thrift store. The best place for costumes!


IMG_0731_VgaMy Husband is pretty creative too. Here is his diorama of a pumpkin being killed and eaten by another pumpkin.

  Princess Angel FairyAnd here is the finished product of my Princess Angel-Fairy costume. Even though I loved it, it was tiring after a while. I couldn’t really sit without crinkling my wings, and had to turn sideways to go through doorways. Being an angel is tough work.

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!



  1. YOu guys all look gorgeous! I told Hillary she needs to check out my blog. I think more people probably figured out who she was, rather than mine.

  2. That is a lot of creative genius in one family. WOW

  3. You guys all look great. And those pumpkins are awesome too! LOL.

  4. Tough work, but worth it, you are adorable and look as young as your pretty young daughters!

  5. All the costumes are great! I love the book exchange.....I got up the nerve to enter an artists blog and ask to trade ATC's, only to have her e-mail me and say she just moved, so she is taking a break. I guess I need to pursue another exchange, because I need something like this right now! I can't wait to see your pages.
    And the background is beautiful!


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