Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mirror and Piano

I finished repainting my mirror and hung it above the piano. Here is a ‘before’ look at the mirror that I got in a thrift store (Well, almost before. I was anxious to start and then remembered I didn’t have a picture).

Frame project

We have a very old, dark piano. A few years ago I turned the oval panels around to show the light wood, like the inside of my piano. Here you can see those panels.


I recently decided to turn them back to the dark wood. While I had my piano all opened up I took a few shots of the details inside the piano.

IMG_0771 IMG_0775

IMG_0772Seems a shame to have it hidden away!

Here is the finished project.


I set a few things on the piano top so you can get the idea, but I’m getting ready to get the Christmas decorations out, so I didn’t want to spend to much time on it.

It’s time for me to ‘Deck the Halls’, and don’t tell me it’s too early. Today I was at Michaels getting something for a school project of my daughter’s, and I overheard a woman saying “You know, Christmas really snuck up on me this year!” It’s November 17th! I love it.


P.S. This project also included a lot of spackling and repainting of the previous holes. Especially since the first time I hung the mirror it was about eight inches to high and the hooks showed. I needed a few days to ‘ponder’ the height, and then I took it down and rehung it (and more spackle and paint). I also learned to use the power drill. ( and fill the holes and re-drill) I know, I’m a baby. I need to get used to power tools. Jon said I did a good job though, and he thought the wall looked great. I’m pretty proud of it and can’t wait for Christmas.


  1. It looks lovely! This makes me miss the piano we had as a family.

  2. This looks great!
    I can almost imagine some of those decorative wood pieces stained and on the piano as well, if you get bored with it in a few years....

    Please share lots of pics with us when you get you Holiday decor up! (ANd tell me how to put 2 pictures side by side!)

    Where Women Create is out again, a LOVELY magazine to say the least. There is one artist who uses a ton of buttons, other than that I could just die over this issue from cover to cover!

  3. I have it!!! I always think of you when I see those button lovers. Do you tear out the page or just turn it with a pair of tongs. lol.


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