Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ivory Ruffles


Guess who found a roll of a tissue party streamer that had fallen out of the gift wrap box and onto the garage floor? Yes, it’s me.  Then I thought it would be perfect to ruffle with the sewing machine . I don’t have a fancy machine or a snazzy ruffle attachment, I just fed it through fast to gather it. I love the results and want to use it everywhere. I decided to rub the edge of the roll with my antiquing pad so it would look even more aged. Maybe it’s the Fat Book Swap talking, but I’ve had Winter Whites on my mind. IMG_0764


And then that collided with the ruffles that were already on my mind. So is it any wonder that I had to snap these shots while I was at Forever 21 on our ‘Sisters, Shopping and Sushi day?’

IMG_0766 IMG_0767IMG_0768

At this point I don’t know if it’s inspiration or obsession.



  1. I want to come to sisters, sishi and shopping day! I love the ruffles!

    I was thinking how fun it would be do have a winter white tree with creams and whites and maybe a hint of soft pink...I may have to just do my own, I ma not ure how all the boys of the house would feel about it,

  2. I say if they can have truck parts sitting on a table once and a while, you can have a pink tree once and a while...


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