Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Which I Take a Spill

Yesterday a friend came over to go on a jog with me. I have never really ran with non family before, and it was fun until, near the end, I was distracted and totally bit the pavement on account of some uneven sidewalk, which I hate almost as much as flourescent lightbulbs.

I injured my left knee, hand, and shoulder, and to my suprise this morning I felt like I'd been punched in the neck. All this to guard my face... since thats how I make my living. (TeeHee..really it was my dad's constant warning- "You'll knock your teeth out!" which had me doing the stunt girl shoulder maneuver). But why, WHY, when I have a friend here? God loves to keep me humble.

And speaking of not being humble, the secret X-Box project my hubby was working on was unveiled yesterday. Read about it on his blog here. He would make comments but say he couldn't tell me, then I'd act like I didn't care and that would drive him nuts. That's just the sort of loving relationship we have.


  1. I'm so, so sorry about your accident. I'm mostly sorry that you were so worried about it! Don't fret! I'm just glad that Superwoman has a little bit of mortal in her. (o: See you tomorrow!

  2. Oh no! That looks painful. I would milk it for all it's worth.

  3. Ouch! i am glad you are okay.

  4. Anytime I fall I'm afraid of hurting my teeth. Even granite countertops look like you could chip a tooth on them somehow. But that's because of my major teeth issues.
    Anyways...sorry about your fall. Hope you'll feel good to run on Saturday! I'll check the time and let you know.

  5. First of all...I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!! Who'd a thought that was a miniature room ~ you are gooood with that computer girl! It looks wonderful.

    Now, about that accident. Ouch. You have just showed me that running is hazardous to my health. I think I'll keep it at that! ;)
    Really though, I hope you heal fast and get back out there (it looks like Shannon will be waiting for you on Saturday!)

    everything vintage

  6. I have not bit the dust yet during a run...it is a rite of passage, I know, but I am putting it off as long as possible!
    Passed a snake? Check.
    Ran in Rain? Check.
    Hurt so bad I had to walk? Check.
    But still no spills, and still no vomiting. Apparently 2 pretty important things.

  7. Hopefully I never have to fall again. And I've never seen a snake. I have run in the rain a lot (hello, it's Seattle) and it's so cool if it starts to hail. Makes me feel like a really hard core runner.

  8. FitToSeeJane - sorry to hear that you took a fall while running. It looks like it really hurt. I just tend to wrench my shoulders because of windmilling my arms trying to regain my balance.

    Ramsam - throwing doesn't have to be a rite of passage, but it can mean that you've reached the "crazy runner" stage.

  9. Forget rain. I happen to know you've run in the snow and sleet as well. You're practically a mailman - except all you deliver is sweat.


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