Friday, June 26, 2009

I Digress.......Michael Jackson Died.

This is a blog about Jane Austen and Arts and Sewing and other nice things, but today it's going to be about Michael Jackson. The old MJ before the weirdness, that we grew up with. My sis and I pooled our babysitting cash to buy Thriller, and our 'breakdancing club' met in the basement where we had spread out cardboard, you know, for breakin'.
We stayed up late to see Thriller on Friday Night Videos. I loved his duets with Paul McCartney, 'The Girl Is Mine' and 'Say, Say, Say'.
Today my daughter and I went to the fabric store and She had loaded up her I pod with MJ's #1 hits. She asked if I wanted any others and I requested those two duets. We had a good laugh over the cornyness of that song.
My sis has a great post over at Better Than We Deserve, if you have time take a look. I don't know how things will sort them out in the eternal worlds, but it is not often the most famous person in the world dies. And there were some happy memories.


  1. I find it sad that the happy memories were overshadowed by the weirdness and all the craziness.

  2. It is a sad time for pop culture and for Micheals children and family. I too was and a big fan before the weird stuff. This has the same effect on our generation as Elvis had on our parents.
    On a lighter note, thank you for the kind words today.. Smiles..
    YOur blog is lovely!
    Jo-Anne Coletti

  3. I forgot about the McCartney duet.... thats right, that was good. I too grew up in that era of all things Michael and feel the loss of someone who had a difficult life. May he finally be at peace.


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