Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Things Very Dull Indeed?

Last Saturday I ran 5k at the Fall City Days celebration. I got my second best time, at 35:14. I know for runners it’s not super fast, but for me it’s great. I want to work up to a 10k this summer, so I was looking at local races and found the website for Railroad Days in Snoqualmie. This is a fun celebration anyway, but look at the cute race shirt logo!

Railroad days teeLogo

I may be shallow, but if I’m gonna run it’s all about the shirt. It’s like when I used to get ribbons on the swim team. I usually come home from a race , shower, and put on my new race shirt and sweats for lounging around or napping with a sense of superiority accomplishment.

In more local news, my little town of North Bend is 100 years old and having a fun block party on Main Street this weekend. And then later this summer is The Festival at Mount Si. We have a parade, booths, and music and food. But this year they are adding something new. It’s something I have wanted to blog about but I’ve been afraid…..


They want to add an art element to the festival, since this is a pretty artsy place for a small town, so they want to have a live art exhibit. I have been so excited to try this and scared at the same time, that I didn’t want to mention it on the blog because I know everyone will be encouraging but I don’t want to commit myself because it’s scary. The plan is to have live models posing in costume and then people around sketching and painting. Look at the cool concept drawings!


But do I want to commit to that? Do I have the experience (no) to sit in front of people and paint? What if there’s not enough time for me to do anything, or what if my art is no good and people are around me staring! Eeek. So I’m laying out my doubts and fears before you now.

….And another thing. I am rapidly approaching my 100th post, and my Birthday, July 11th, which, for those of you who haven’t followed for long, I have also given to Fanny Price of Mansfield Park to be her honorary birthday. We know her birthday is sometime in July, plus I love Miss Price, and it fits astrologically, even though I don’t believe in that. So I am trying to prepare something for a birthday/100th post giveaway. Stay tuned.

Three things very dull indeed? You tell me!


  1. It sounds awesome, but I know how scary things like that will be. Do what you think is best!

  2. I wish we were going to be here for the block party! It sounds like so much fun. As to the art, I think you ought to do it! It can be one more fear to face down and conquer! You'll be brilliant!

  3. I love the t-shirt thing too. Makes me feel like a real runner, even though we all know I am far from it!

    I love the sketch idea. Even if your sketches are simple, just to push yourself to do that and mingle with the other 'real' artists (just like running)makes you feel like you are part of something great. And you are.

  4. That sounds fun actually. I know you will know what to do. You are so talented. I say go for it.

    Have a great time with all the festivities. Sounds quaint.


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