Friday, May 29, 2009

Me, In Miniature

Do you like my new header? Do not be confused, that glorious parlor is not my living room. But it could fit into my living room. As a matter of fact, it could fit into my closet. The photo I superimposed myself onto is from the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. The entire room is done in a scale of one inch to one foot. But doesn't it just fit with my gown?

One of the Thorne Miniature Rooms

I am happy with the new header even though the font didn't come out very smooth. I may try making the picture smaller before I add the font and see if that helps, but for today this is enough. I've spent more time on here than I meant to and my dog needs a bath, fun.
I've had a cold (AGAIN- or is it a relapse of the same one?) and the exterior of our house is being painted so all our doors and windows are taped up. That means when little Missy has to do her business we have to get out the leash and go with her through the garage. It's one of those days when everything is wearing me out. I feel like I've done nothing, but when I look at it there is a lot going on. Do you ever have days like that?


  1. Thanks for coming on over to my blog!

    I am definitely the underdog---but I am giving it the ole college try! heh, heh.

    By the by---your blog is great! I am loving the dresses and am a big Jane Austen fan also....

    I will have to follow you!

  2. Hey there! I'm asking all my peeps to go over and vote for my blog on

  3. Sorry----clicked on post before I had finished! Heh, heh---anywho---go there and go to the right side and vote for SWANEESINGER!!
    Yay! Thanks tons!

  4. I really do love it! I want to know how you did it so I can copy it with my own stuff!! (o:

    I really loved your part of the lesson today. It inspired me. I'm ready to interview all of my living relatives. Seriously.

  5. I want a photo in my header and just have not figured it out yet. I tired, but failed miserably...if you have easy tips I would love it.

    In the meantime I love those mimature rooms! That is so amazing, and you fit quite nicely. I too , had a strange resurrgence of my last cold. I was in bed for 2 days, but toady am feeling more normal. We should have been miserable together!

  6. When I said you fit nicecly I did not mean is size...... when I re-read that it looked funny to me!

  7. Oh, yeah! I got to see those miniatures when I went to Chicago with my family back in 2002. I totally forgot about them! Though now that I think of it, I have no idea how I could have forgotten, since I'm pretty sure that was museum exhibit I enjoyed the most!

    I think your new blog header is lovely.

    I know how you feel, when you feel like you have everything to do and the whole day passes and you still haven't done much. That happens to me all the time. But I just finished reading Persuasion and Mansfield park and I noticed that on the days I read instead of getting online, I somehow seem to get more done around the house, even though it's in a rush after spending hours reading, and I feel just as guilty about spending all this "me" time but then in the end I still have dishes and dinner done when my hubby comes home. I love days like that. :}

  8. IcPixy...How'd you like the books. Those two are my favorites so I'm curious.

  9. That room is really neat and your header is beautiful! Thanks for following my blog. As my first follower, I will send you a Jane Austen postcard. Email me at aupoohbear at hotmail with your address if you would like the card.


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