Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jane and The City of Brotherly Love

Though I've said nothing, and we've had no plan, all year I've been secretly hoping that somehow I could make some money and go to the Jane Austen Society AGM this fall in Philidelphia.
I don't know where I thought I'd get the money, and I guess I didn't want it bad enough to figure it out, but I truly need to admit to myself that I'm not going, and look forward to 2010, when I do plan on going to Portland, which is driving distance.

This year...first of all, Philidelphia, what a wonderful location!!....And then the whole thing is about brothers and sisters. I love Jane Austen's brothers and sisters, created and real. And I come from a family of 12 kids. Having eight sisters of my own is seriously DOUBLE the Bennet house. I identified with that right away.

Ever since my first AGM in Vancouver BC I've wanted to go to another. The preparations for that event prompted me to start blogging. Maybe I should just plan another little Jane Austen party, like the Tea Party I had in Feburary.

Perhaps an Anne Elliot birthday Party in August? Hmmmm.

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  1. Your plans to go to PA sound like my plans to hike Mt. Si--except I live within half a mile of the trail head and still only "plan" to go..someday...before I move. (o:


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