Tuesday, September 11, 2007

23 Days Untill the Jane Austen AGM !

I finally have a pattern for my regency dress. I will eventually be able to use the same pattern for a few different dress but since this is my first I want it to be a sort of all purpose dress. My fabric is creamy white cotton with black polka dots.

Dotted Fabric- Here is the fabric and a little sketch of the style of my dress.

Regency Dress Pattern- This is the pattern, though I'm altering it a little bit for my first dress. It will be like the light colored dress, except without the over-dress layer, just floor length, and no bow. I will embellish it a little with some lace.

My Inspiration Dress- Here is a picture of the dress I chose to model mine after.
Here are the Breakout sessions I signed up for at the AGM.:
Session A: Status, social climbing and the meaning of gentility in Emma
Session B: Fun with Frank and Jane: Austen on Detective Fiction
Session C: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Session D: Women’s Clothing in Jane Austen’s Time
Session E: Austen’s “passion for taking likenesses”: Portraits of the Prince Regent in Emma
I am also taking the Regency Reticule workshop, to make a reticule (or as Jane referred to in a letter, a ‘ridicule’) which is a little purse used to hold small items at the ball. We will be making them ourselves. So please don’t ridicule my reticule. Ahem. I know that was pretty weak. I couldn’t resist.
I also want to find the perfect little book for all my note taking, likeness sketching, and maybe for writing down a charade or two. 23 Days 'till the AGM !

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