Monday, July 25, 2011

My Daughter is Married

I guess the word is poignant.

283091_2180837207826_1453814962_2403096_1005568_nWhen she and her new husband walked out of those doors husband and wife I was overflowing with joy. My oldest daughter was married, married to a great young man I admire, with a family I’ve grown to adore. She married in the Holy Temple in a beautiful ceremony with her loved ones around her, a lovely, worthy, Daughter of God. As a mother I could not be more pleased.267583_2180836047797_1453814962_2403089_7720612_n As the days pass I miss her a little bit, even though she’s spent most of her time at college the past few years I begin to feel a little wistful. My first little girl.  It’s sad, but as I sometimes say, it’s a good sad.Hillary wins a Barbie

   I hope my younger daughters follow her example someday, but at the moment I just want to hold them tight.

Being enormously busy planning a wedding and reception did help to shield me from the emotions that start welling up now. But I just keep acknowledging that it is a ‘good sad’ and I’ll see her again soon.282587_2180837407831_1453814962_2403097_2312888_n


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  1. That was beautiful. It's hard to think about being there someday with my own daughters. She is a beautiful bride and it looks like you gave her the very best kind of send off. (o:


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