Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Wedding Goodies

278332_10150248543414794_671574793_7864184_8104084_oIn previous pictures you may have noticed these darling ribbon rose headbands and headpieces my two younger daughters were wearing for the reception. My sister Krisi made them. She wasn’t able to travel up here for the wedding and wanted to do something nice. I just loved these and we got a lot of compliments on them. IMG_0491

278332_10150248543409794_671574793_7864183_6528545_oMy daughters shown here with the groom’s two sisters. 

I tried to post this next bit with the last post but wasn’t able to embed the video. But now that I’ve had a little tech support from my hubby, I give you the Electric Slide……



P.S. That dancing was just the start of the party! Once things were going smoothly I was ready to have some fun with the ladies!

271650_10150248535154794_671574793_7864048_3897593_oMe, my niece, and three of my sisters getting’ down!

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