Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marvel Comic’s Sense and Sensibility

IMG_3630 My sweet husband recently bought me the hardbound edition of Marvel Comic’s Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. It is so fun. I own the Marvel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and it appears some critics didn’t like the way the Bennet sisters were drawn. I didn’t mind it, but seriously they were some hotties.

IMG_3636 But those critics won’t have the same problem with the sweet style of Sense and Sensibility. The drawings have a different style, and it lends a real charm to the book, which despite it’s condensed nature, is pretty accurate to the story line of the book.IMG_3637

IMG_3634This book is on ‘The List’ for the Sense and Sensibility Bicentenary Challenge, which I will tell you about soon (but if you can’t wait for me to post about it, click on the gorgeous link button on my sidebar!).


PS. My husband FINALLY joined me on my weekly trip to the sushi bar today. However, the guy on the other side of him was totally DISSING Jane Austen!!!! Are you kidding me? He was reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time and said the women were ‘overdramatic and catty’. I honestly don’t think he’s really reading it. I mean, sure Mrs. Bennet may be over the top, but that’s her character! That guy almost ended up with his face in the wasabi jar!

PSS. I finally broke down and got reading glasses. Small print was causing me a lot of eye strain lately, especially reading the scriptures. SOOooooo, I got some magnifiers. I figured glasses were better than wrinkles :)



  1. Cute post! I never did see the Pride and Prejudice one so you should take pics so I can see the differences in illustration! Your glasses are cute. I think its funny how you are pretending to read something while your other hand is taking a picture haha cuuute :)

  2. Oh, I may have done a post about it. I'll add a link.

  3. I love the Marvel Comics shots, I would love to see a few more peeks! And you look so cute in your glasses! How did it go getting them? I am afraid it is sneaking up on me as well.
    You look beautiful!

  4. They are just the reading glasses that you get at the store. I still should see an eye doctor, just to check the health of my eye, but this is just an age thing.

    If you will click the link I made i the first paragraph you can see a bit of the Pride and Prejudice book from a couple years ago.

  5. Your blog post would make Miss Jane proud! The more I read on your blog ~ the more I just love it! I read and re-read Jane's novels each year!


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