Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hillary and Nick at Homecoming BYU 2010My oldest daughter is engaged! I am so excited. She is to be married in July, here in Washington, then we will go down to New Orleans to celebrate with her fiancé's family.

Hillary's Engagement RingI am having typical Mother-of-the-Bride episodes of stressing out and not being able to focus on much else. I want everything to be beautiful and perfect for my daughter, I want things to run smoothly.

My worry is that I am not that great of a planner or organizer. Jon is a big help making a lot of phone calls and scouring the internet for things we need. I am so grateful. And if I do get worried and overwhelmed (and yes, that happens even though it is six months away) I just think of how happy my daughter is and how grateful I am that she has found such a good man.Hillary little

This was her just yesterday!

Could it really be almost 20 years ago?

Hillary and NickAnd here she is with the lucky man!


Wish me luck everyone!



  1. I am thrilled for them! She will be such a beautiful bride.

  2. You didn't even mention the pajamas! :P

    Very cute post!

  3. Such a great post' I can't believe that you are mom of a bride! I can't wait!


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