Monday, January 17, 2011

Picasso Exhibit

The Seattle Art Museum has had a Picasso exhibit running and on Friday night my husband and I and our youngest daughter went to see it. IMG_3585We could not take photos in the Picasso exhibit, but later we found a place for a picture or two.

IMG_3590I’ve decided the woman in the picture represents ‘Utah’ which is holding my two other daughters.

It is very interesting having only one child at home. Whenever we are going to do something cool I feel guilty for leaving the others out. I have to remind myself that they are having their own new adventures, and they also had many opportunities when this one was too little to go. Still, I think of them when we go, and I suppose I always will.



  1. It is always weird to head out in small numbers- growing up it was not that way! Maybe that is why we didn't head out very often?

  2. I think so. I always stressed out just monitoring my on three kids.

  3. Oh, and the money. I think this exhibit was about $60 for the three of us. Mom and Dad loved art and music and I'm sure we would have experienced more if not for those two little drawbacks.

  4. The part about "...the woman in the picture represents ‘Utah’ which is holding my two other daughters..." was funny.
    Great exhibit. I actually learned quite a bit from the parts that weren't in French.

  5. None of the paintings were in French, that's the main thing.

  6. See, if Arianne and I would have been there we could have just told you what all of the French stuff said.


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